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*we're here. but only visible... to the right kind of eye.*

*post-it, posted, post it*

If you're gonna be salty, at least be salty like halite.

🐩I hopped a fence just to get this photo... never underestimate a Pasadena girls love for roses.

🐇🍦You can find me in my rabbit fur hand me down from a mommy I used to watch kids for, eating pots of gold & rainbows double scoop cone from @saltandstraw on the last day they're serving it. Cause I'm just a fancier & older little kid now.

Sunday's with you are like confetti eggs on Easter ♡

We would like to say we're Pam&Jim but really we're more like Angela&Dwight. He gets me.

Getting rained out has never been better. Colors get deeper, & feelings just follow.

🌞Happy as a lil fiore for the first day of Spring... cause that means summer is only a couple months away!

Some days I’m unequivocally me & others I just want to stare at trees & wonder how they do it. Completely changing, & doing so, with elegance.

The Datsun’s are an obvious love. Everyone in my family still fights over who gets Grandpa’s 1980, 10th anniversary 280zx. Sweet little things, it’s mine. #10thanniversary280zx

Last weekend at the LA Class Car Show. Totally thought I would be into all the Porches, & boxy BMW’s as usual but the Caddy’s & Lincoln’s we’re pulling on my heart strings so tough! #therisingsun #lifestylecarclub

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