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❣Fandom DIYs❣  ✨NEXT HINT: 🔑🔥❄️⚔✨ ❌SU, Gravity Falls, AT ❌ ❌Vocaloid, Anime, Kpop❌ ❌UNDERTALE, Mystic Messenger❌ ❌Main acc - @skxrlxt❌

**Poster Hack**
If you ever have a poster thats impossible to straighten out, hot glue some cardboard paper down on the edges and trim, then put some blu-tack on the cardboard and stick on your wall 😊.

Grow your own crystal kagune! In this one i did Kaneki/Rize's kagune.
DIY Crystal Kagune (Tokyo Ghoul)
1 - Shape a red pipe cleaner into a small Kagune shape, i used a normal straight pipe cleaner for the bottom two and a furry bumpy one for the top and main two.
2 - Tie the pipe cleaner kagune to a string and a pencil. This will be used to make sure you can get the crystal out.
3 - Boil water and put it into a container or cup that is BIGGER than the pipe cleaners to ensure it wont stick to the sides or bottom. Then add a LOT of borax until the borax stops dissolving and you can see it at the bottom.
4 - Add red dye so the water is a dark red color. (I put a small amount in and the crustal ended up pink rather than red.)
5 - Dunk the crystal into the borax water and let the pencil go on the sides to stop it from touching the sides and it just dangles in the water. (I taped the pencil in place)
6 - Leave the crystal to grow for 8-12 hours.
7 - After its done drying, wrap in a towel and let it dry.
8 - After its dry, enjoy the crystal 😊
Im so sorry i havent been uploading recently!! Idk any ideas i can do so make sure you comment below a fandom or something you would like to see made 😊✨

Icon by @kawaii.icxns 😊😊✨

I didnt have the time to shape the logos so i got one that looked decent and used that 😂
DIY Fairy Tail Logo Cupcakes (Fairy Tail, obvs)
1 - Get a cake mix (vanilla or chocolate, your choice) and follow the directions on the back to create the batter
2 - Preheat oven and grease a pan, then place the cupcake holders. Divide the batter evenly and fill 3/4 of the paper mold.
3 - After the cupcakes are done leave aside to cool.
4 - Make a fairy tail logo out of paper or plastic and stick in the fondant. Carefully cut around the shape and shape the fondant until you like the shape of the logo.
5 - Place frosting on the cupcakes and place your logo.
6 - Enjoy the taste of friendship and magic 😊✨
Im so sorry i havent posted anything lately!! All of my ideas cost money or i dont have access to some stuff.

Icon from @icxns 😊💕

I got some Yuri on ice posters up and i love themm 😊

Hehe shot of my 707 body pillow 😍🙊
DIY Emoticon Phone Charms (Mystic Messenger)
1 - Draw or print the design you want. (I drew Jumin in that first pic so you know that this doesn't have to just be 707.)
2 - Glue the drawing onto a piece of cardboard and go over it in permanent marker. Then fill in the lines with colour.
3 - [OPTIONAL] Glue a second design on the back and redo step 2 so its different emotions or characters when you flip it.
4 - Stick a needle or pin in the top and wiggle it to make a hole big enough for the phone charm string.
5 - Put the string through and make it secure
6 - Coat the cardboard in a clear coat of tape or contact paper.
7 - Trim the edges and enjoy your charm 😊
Sorry i haven't posted in a while! Im currently developing a game and its a long process 😅

Before you guys get angry. The manga got wet and the spine fell apart a couple months ago, so i didn't cut them just for fun.
DIY Manga Cup •••STEPbySTEP•••
1 - Print, draw or buy some manga pages from a manga of your choice (I chose Noragami)
2 - Remove the handle from the cup (If there is one) and any other stuff not needed. You can even paint it if you want but i thought the blue matched Noragami.
3 - After you decide which order you want them, glue them on with ordinary glue.
4 - After they are glued on, make sure it is dry then put a waterproof coat over it. I used contact paper (I love contact paper omgghsdflkj).
5 - Now place your pencils or whatever you want to store in there 😊
Dont mind the bad drawing of Yato 😅 Its 2am rn (Almost 3) and i wanna sleep. So after i post this go check out my art/edit/meme account - @akane.tora. ✨✨

DIY Mini Aquarium (Free!)
1 - Get a empty bottle (your choice, i used a hand wash bottle) and wash it so its completely clean. Also remove any stickers so the bottle is clear and you can see inside.
2 - Fill a very small portion of the bottle with Canola oil (TINY ONE CENTIMETRE LAYER).
3 - In a separate bottle, cup or container, mix some water with a TINY BIT of blue colouring to make it a ocean blue. (Optional - Add some silver glitter for extra effect when shaken).
4 - Pour the water into the bottle and shake to see the effect.
5 - Buy or make some tiny charms and coat them with clear nail polish so they don't get ruined by the water. I used some Free! charms that were on the packet of a Reigisa poster i once bought. (If its requested ill make a tutorial on how to hand make them)
6 - Drop them in and shake the bottle again.
Like i previously said, i love this so much. I just got back into Free! and i honestly love just laying down and shaking it. ITS SO PWETTY (≧∇≦)

This honestly took me to long to figure out how to make this, but i finally did it.
DIY Cardboard Gem (Steven Universe •••STEPbySTEP•••
1 - Mark two circles of the same size on a piece of cardboard and cut one out then put it aside
2 - Decide what type of gem you want or if you are doing a cosplay look up what shape their gem is. (Ruby's is square, Sapphire's is triangle and Rose's is pentagonal. I went with a diamond shape middle because my Gemsona has a diamond shape). Draw the shape in the middle and draw lines linking the corners to the edge.
3 - Cut a small triangle where the lines connect to the out and fold the lines of the shape inwards so they will fold and pop out.
4 - Tape or glue (super/hot) the sides on the inside of the gem as its popped out to keep it together.
5 - Paint both bits of cardboard the colour you want and let it dry before use. All gems have different shades of the same colour on their gems so do that on each side.
6 - When its dry, attach together using hot/super glue (I didn't have any at the time so i used a stapler and then painted over the staples)
7 - To attach the gem to my body, i made a sticky tape loop and placed it on the back and then stuck it to my chest.
I HAVE WANTED TO DO THIS FOR SO LONGGGG. You guys honestly have no idea how many attempts i did of this. I tried wax and it failed every time so i just went with cardboard. Also, Im making a specific hashtag that you can use when you make stuff from this account. DM me if you have any issues :3

DIY Bill Cipher Silhouette •••STEPbySTEP•••
1 - Assemble a triangle shape with toothpicks (Or any short thin stick you can find). I taped some together to make mine longer. DONT JOIN THEM INTO A TRIANGLE YET! KEEP THE SIDES APART!
2 - Put cotton balls on the sticks so its entirely covered and you cant see any of the sticks (Ends exceptional).
3 - Cover the cotton balls with yellow paint and put somewhere to dry. I used the sharp ends of the toothpicks to pierce a hole in a old box (a tokyo ghoul box lmao) to keep them upright so they dont touch anything while drying.
4 - After they are dry, super/hot glue them onto a piece of cardboard in the shape of a triangle. (I didnt have yellow cardboard so i used white and painted the inside yellow)
5 - Cut out a top hat and bow tie out and paint or colour them black, then stick on using hot/super glue
6 - Put whatever you want inside or do what you want with the outline (Read all the way down below for ideas)
Ideas of what you could use it for • Pin holder (Just jab pins in the middle)
• Quotes (Write a random quote in the middle)
• Photos/Polaroids (Put photos or polaroids in the middle to capture moments)
• Chain/Cord holder (Put a nail in the middle to drape cords/necklaces or headphones)
• Colour Test (If you are a artist, leave the cardboard inside to white and use as a colour tester for markers and pencils)
• Simple decoration, show your pride to the fandom 😊

DIY Pipecleaner Flowey (Undertale)
1 - Grab some green pipe cleaners and twist or plat them to make a stable stem.
2 - Curve the end of the stem to hook some white pipe cleaners to make the head base.
3 - Take some yellow pipe cleaners and wrap them around two fingers until its in a full oval shape, then form them into petals and attach to base.
4 - Use a yellow (or golden for extra detail) to put around the outside of the petals to stabilise them.
5 - Draw or print out different Flowey expressions on paper and put a sticky tape loop on the back of the faces. This will allow you to swap the expressions.
6 - Attach or stand it somewhere you can see 😊
I put my Flowey next to my Frisk and Chara plushie that i got for Christmas. I hope you guys enjoyed the first DIY 😊😊

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