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#FreeSomebody // 미유loves박선영💜  I'm going to love you forever. 151010, 151016, 151203, 160526 luna replied︎︎ x4

let's say luna stole a kiss from you, what will you do? 👀

– trans
fan: unnie, f(x) will be ok, right?
luna: yes! don't worry meus. ❤️
#lunayoureperfect @hermosavidaluna

she posted ok

she is

can yall explain me what the fuck with those posts about f(x) being a three member group

yall dont even understand the timer was 3 seconds long i had to ruN and pose so many times

always @hermosavidaluna 💍

them shoes tho #lunayoureperfect

moana (2017)

hi yall 👀

holy mother ffffffffff

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