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Frank William Miller Junior  I post a loooooooot. Usually in multiples of 3 • Rap. Cat. Dog. Kicks. Food • @rappersiknow


Brian hooked up his special beef noodle soup. It went down.

When your friends are cat ladies too

also #FBF on @mxedkid’s old/@danielita2m’s current deck

a buncha #FarBackFridays

this was 3 years ago yesterday. #tbt #fbf

All the NSA had to do to have us willingly give them “FaceID” was allow us to put a rainbow glare over our mugs. They shoulda done this sooner. And now you can identify me from any CCTV camera in the wooooorld #streetsiswatching #surveillancestate #rainbowsheaux

📠, 🐝. 🤳🏿📱

https://ladybugmecca.threadless.com • @planetsdigable’s Blowout Comb was my fave album in high school and college. Prolly still would be if I rated things like an Olympic stand 🥇anymore vs like, a spider graph 🕷📊 @ladybugmecca asked & commissioned me to come up with some designs for some merch for them/and her. This the first set, with more to come. basically I was like, “design some joints I wanted to wear back in the gap that wasn’t available” and I always wanted a creamy spies shirt cuz only a few heads gonna get the reference. Have some other goodies in the clip, but those’ll have to wait for now.

Cat mug game serious. #RapGameCatLady. 🐱☕️

Sorry dude. No one tryna play with your soggy toy.

It’s like exit row leg room but with none of the responsibility!

20 lb bag of tortillas and fajita meatz 🌮

It’s that serious.

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