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FWDSET  Cycling, adventure, street, & lifestyle photography of @kirkfwdset. - Contact for photo inquiries, use of photos, collabs, etc! 🚲🌄🌃📸📽


Cyclists of LA: 001 • 002 • 003

I'm in the process of migrating the #CyclistsofLA photo series over to this account. Be sure to check out the full-res photos & stories on the site.

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Us versus them.

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Welcome to the @freqntflyr fam, @roldy_323. Bike is looking killer!

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@fvrside descending his first major climb in California.

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"Have the youth you did not get to live,
Or feel the love this world forgot to give."
- Have Heart


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@downtosomething shot for @kryptonitelock's 2016 product line-up in Downtown Los Angeles. Come ride with us tomorrow! More details soon on @armedwithabike's Instagram.

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A nod of respect to those that ride daily, those that live through cycling, those that travel & experience the city against the grain. Urban cycling, it's a beautiful thing.

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Fast bike, fast food. Not sure which one is scarier.

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃


Las Vegas was a blast. Didn't take as many photos as I wanted, too focused on having fun at @interbike. What I did capture will be on the site soon.

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Congrats to @c.bauke of @teamzeromiedo, the King of Vegas 1st place track bike. A controversial win, but it was evident this 17 year old, brakeless track bike rider from Los Angeles was the crowd's favored winner. Needless to say, he kept his head on straight, stayed professional, & above all, remained humble.

Keep your eye on Cesar. We're calling it now, this kid is going somewhere.

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Currently on the road to Las Vegas for @interbike. Keep an eye out for Kirk & be sure to say hey.

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The brand new @fwdset website is now live! Check it out, spread the word, & let us know what you think.

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