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FuzzQueen  Erin Frisby, Chris Stelloh, Ben Tufts & Clinton Cole: chillwave/noisecore from DC. Sometimes dog pics. Listen to our new single!!! ⬇️


In between writing, rehearsing, playing out, working at @blackcatdc, and occasionally eating and sleeping - Erin, her father and I have been building this shed. Holy crap is it heavy as hell and time consuming - but we’ve got four walls now! Time to ride to work and load in for @kingkruleuk tonight!!! #IllSleepWhenImDead

Our homies in Unring The Bell!!! Shredding up @vigilantecoffee RIGHT NOW!!! #GetHere #LiveMusic #UnringTheBell

Come to @vigilantecoffee - show at 9. Also - fuck @bentufts for this.

One more from our photo shoot w @robert.raymer yesterday #VintageCamera

#DoomWednesday with Dagger Moon - @naturalbornkeller, @_brennyg_ & @ghostofmikey - love you guys!

Doing a photo shoot w @robert.raymer and this amazing vintage camera that was manufactured in 1941!!!

Day off cause the show at work got moved to the small stage. Looping, synth pedals, acoustic modeling: NEW TUNES!!!

From our show a couple weeks back at #TheVoid (home of @voidliferecords) - pretty great pic by @rpakins - hey @wantedmanmusic - let’s do this again, sometime!!!

THIS FRIDAY!!! Come to @vigilantecoffee!!! Wear costumes, drink coffee, then booze, then ROCK THE F OUT w FuzzQueen and Unring The Bell - come see @joebrewer dress up as a circus peanut! Come see @honkytits dress up as a white guy named Joe!!!! IT’S GONNA BE A BLAST!!! #FuzzQueen #UnringTheBell #VigilanteCoffee #DCRocks #HyattsvilleRocks #PsychRock #IndieRock #HalloweenRocks

New shirt design! We will have these Friday @vigilantecoffee Halloween Party in Hyattsville

Happy Monday everyone, from @_mattlubchansky #TheOldGodsAreDead #FiveYearPlan

#RIGUPDATE - Erin’s beloved TC Electronic Flashback delay finally had to go. The water damage it sustained when it got rained on at Fort Reno this summer was making it too noisy. Replaced it with a @mooeraudio re-echo. It sounds awesome. She also has my old script reissue MXR Phase 90, which fits WAY better with her wah, Mel9 and assortment of fuzz pedals. My board is pretty much the same except I am now running my Synth9 to a separate amp (so I’m packing a 3 amp rig now...) - the compressor in the signal was making the synth effect cut out if I used any distortion, so now I have the affected sound running through a @jhspedals On/Off switch into a Vox Pathfinder 15R (one of the loudest practice amps you’ll ever find). Gonna try these new setups out on Friday at @vigilantecoffee!!! #PsychRock #IndieRock #FuzzQueen #FuzzPedals #GuitarPedals #GearNerd

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