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Donovan Stringer/Sickle  Dad, gear hunter/design/collector, modular 5U/Eurorack, tattoo artist/graphic designer/photographer, ex-Floor bassist, THE Fuzz Pope. 97.5% Analog.


1u modules are one of those things you were ok without before getting your hands on some, and then after asking yourself how you got by without them. A quality 1u row of utilities cranks shit up a full magnitude of order. #intellijel #eurorack #modularsynth #macromachines #omnimod #detroitunderground #duseq #harvestman #industrialmusicelectronics #4ms

One of my favorite photos I've taken, at the most serene, captivating, soul-healing geographical locations I've stepped foot upon. The air is supercharged with a rarified 'positive' energy I've never encountered anywhere else. I was fortunate enough to live minutes from this place for a good nine months. In that period I took several million photos like this one. Gulf of Mexico, St Andrews state park pier, 2014.

Winter always makes me yearn for salt water. Unlike the summer trips most make, I most enjoy pilgrimage to a desolate shore, no one else in sight for miles in either direction, no one to dilute or distract from my awe of Mother Ocean. Coldest months this is an experience that must be earned, the humid, windy cold weather instantly penetrates to the bone, like fire, encouraging you to turn and flee to warmth, but fight past this, conquer the elements, and this world is yours and no other's. Atlantic Ocean, Fayetteville, North Carolina 2014.

Auto Monday. #eurorack #modularsynth

Dueling Benjos. Yes, admittedly a cheap thrill, but a thrill nonetheless. I'm riffing an Epoch Modular build against a DIY made for me by my buddy @mrseri. These things sound awesome together in stereo, especially when you get the settings closely matched but just slightly off so they drift. I don't think I'll ever tire of this synth voice. #benjolin #eurorack

Industrial strength.

I finally found a good use for those stupid velcro dividers you get in Pelican cases. Winter can't touch me now!

Modulation inputs, human control voltage transmission functional at full capacity, check. #mordaxdata #controlvoltage #oscilloscope #waveform #modulation #eurorack #modularsynth #eurorackmodular #modularsynthesizer

Mordax Data's built in dual wave output feature should be a fun pair up with Omnimod.

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