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NEW Game Genie Codemaster Showcase on @midwestnes! Check out the pics and video. Follow if you like and share if you like it even more.

TECMO SUPER BOWL LIVE STREAM over at @midwestnes today at 4pm. See our 8-bit predictions before the big game.

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Hope to see some fancy folks out @nomadworldpubmsp for the Minneapolis Fancy Dress Party.
Music starts at 9pm/$10/21+
@rocksteadybreakfast @dronestheband666 @dahliadulce @dronesmn @scarlette_revolver @worldwide_discotheque and hosted by yours truly. See you on the West Bank!
#fancydress #fancydressparty #fancydressparty2018 #dresstoimpress #westbankboogie

Going LIVE at 4pm CST for my first Power Glove Live Stream over at @midwestnes. You can watch me TRY to play the NES classic (and one of my favorites) Castlevania!

Did you know that back in 2001 I built a 12.5 foot tall Fire Mario out of 8-bit @nintendo cartridges?!? Check out more pics and the whole story over at @midwestnes!
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The first Game Genie Codemaster Showcase is up @midwestnes!
Some fun videos and codes to try at home.

Check out the full Third Party Thursday post @midwestnes
I'll have new content 2-3 times a week, every week...have A LOT of games to show y'all!

Hey friends! I'm about to embark on a new Instagram adventure. Been following some great video game collectors and after recently purchasing the Ultimate Nintendo Guide to the NES I've been inspired to start a page based solely on my 630 game NES collection. I'm going to feature different games throughout the week, do 60 second mini review and have some fun livestream gameplay sessions. So if you like, video games, Nintendo, collecting and myself please give @midwestnes a follow and tell your friends.
Thanks to @movietom @supernesman @thevgdb @ashevent @jackrabbit.gamer @classicgamergurl for the inspiration so you should follow them as well. AND @skakinbacon! How could I forget?!? Marcus has a great YouTube channel with reviews, un-boxing and more.
#retrovideogame #nes #nintendo #gamecollector #8bitnintendo #midwestnes #nintendoenthusiast #nintendoentertainmentsystem #gamersaresexy

ITS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! Hope to see some fancy folks out FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd at @nomadworldpubmsp for the Minneapolis Fancy Dress Party. @rocksteadybreakfast @dronestheband666 @dahliadulce @scarlette_revolver @worldwide_discotheque and hosted by yours truly. See you on the West Bank!
#fancydress #fancydressparty #fancydressparty2018 #dresstoimpress #westbankboogie

I'll be working at the Minneapolis Tattoo Convention all weekend so stop by the @saintsabrinas booth and visit. Grab some swag and why not get a tattoo from @mikegranttattoos and @tattoosbybleach! They have openings throughout the weekend.

Been several years, but went out and bought an artificial tree and decorated it while watching Batman Returns. Classic star as well as a CRAZY old gingerbread man, Max and Moishe, R2-D2, Boba Fett and Mario of course. SWIPE for your viewing pleasure.

Tonight is the night for the Star Wars Art Show PARTY at Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis! Party starts at 7pm and runs until 11. Live music, Live body painting and tons of great Star Wars art by local artists, including this guy you know! Hope to see you out.

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