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Fuz Caforio 

Always exhilarating falling through clouds. Sunny on top 😎 and overcast below 😖

Work in progress. My block-ins always look like crap! Canvas size: 130 x 180cm. I will start to add more detail and colors from here on- much work to be done but at least the fun stuff is ahead 😊

“Twilight Wings”

White-faced Duck. I posted this one on FB a while ago so some of you may have already seen it. Still happy with the way it turned out 😊


Setup almost done. Looking forward to the weekend and catching up with friends I made last year 👍🏻😊. If you’re close to Gallagher Estate, pop in and say “hi”.

A little commission for a girl named “Lily” 😊

“Ranthambhore Reflection”. A piece I completed back in 2001.

Me too! 😊


Hoopoe in flight. I never tire of watching these beautiful little birds when they visit my garden.

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