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Futurism Health  Futurism Health explores humanity's unending struggle against bacteria and disease.

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Meet the exoskeleton that can get paraplegics back on their feet!

Harvard just introduced the world's first 3D printed organ-on-a-chip.

This incredible tablet was specially created for the blind.

One step at a time: this robot may help disabled people walk again

This robotic prosthetic understands its wearer on a new level.

Brain blast! Stanford scientists just developed a new brain imaging technique.

Thanks to this method, children with scoliosis no longer need to undergo invasive, frequent surgeries.

Patients who thought they were inoperable now have a chance.

These 3D-printed ultrasounds enable blind mothers to "see" their babies for the first time.

The unprecedented success of this firefighter's face transplant surpassed even his doctors' expectations.

This football gear was designed by a high school student and inspired by rams.

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