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MJ  Students at: NDT 2, Peridance Company, Arts Umbrella, Juilliard, Jacob's Pillow, Young Arts & NDT SDI; as well as accepted to USC.

New Choreography reel, pls swipe 👈🏾.. the art form is truly year round and couldn’t be more grateful!💫 Feel free to direct message me here! Thrilled to expand the work💙

The most rewarding part is watching the vision come to life.. Always appreciate souls like these!!🎆💜 @christiandancez @theqshow @ellie_sharpe @tiffanysperformingartsstudio #8thgrade #senior

This artist is dancing in a company in Austria!!💛 extremely proud of her.. @arianna_spitz #tbt #stunning

An early throwback!❤️ @gretchen.greene @jameson_burke @delaney.bragg

From the Juilliard show to the Peridance company show. Truly a dream to be able to watch my students reach their goals of being professional dancers! To know their journies and know the work/ choices they made to be better is truly rewarding! Forever proud of this soul. I first met Billiboo when I taught at Calabasas high. She asked when/ where I taught. She showed up the next night to class and legit never left my side since. Truly grateful for people like her and her mother who understands work ethic and discipline. Extremely proud!! ❤️❤️ @billimarder

Another stunning night at The Juilliard School. @tbruzzo is a 4th year and performed in the Crystal Pite piece.(the walks alone👣=mind blown) @kalynb11 is a 2nd year and performed in the Cunningham piece. Absolutely stunning on so many levels. Such a beautiful night of dance and grateful to be able to see them perform. Always love seeing their families as well!!💙 Tomorrow night I’m going to see the Peridance company and can’t wait to see Billiboo perform! #grateful

@jordanpelliteri will be dancing with NDT 2 next season! No words to truly describe how brilliant this is. This was the dream from day 1. Extremely proud of her and grateful for this path. Never would have guessed I would move in with her family to help train her and the work that would come from that experience... from comp which was really building the work and thoughts to getting accepted into Arts Umbrella to now. Truly a believer in the universe and what you put into it is exactly what will come back. She is the epitome of work that goes into the path. I don’t know many people who would do privates at 6:30am or would sacrifice the things she has to train. 🌠Forever grateful and proud.. 💜#myfavereckid #workethicgoesalongway

I’ve said it once, but will say it again.. She’s such a stunningly LEGIT soul!! @meena.jay

This creation is going to be magical!! Another stunning residency in the books!! Love this space and these artist... season 2!💙

The work that’s happening this season!! Season 2!🌠💙 @thealfonsoacademy @danceraddie_ @jjscott_17_

Commitment to a vision..💡🌠 thrilled for the next few days/ weeks!! @billimarder

...today💜 @beasur11

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