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Durban • South Africa • Halaal  DM or EMAIL for ADVERTISING ONLY! All our personal opinions. Not critics. Check for halaal stamps on products. Do not tag us in random comps! ⬅️

For those looking for halaal bubble waffles in Durban.. check out @romanoicecream at @thepavilionsa .
#when eating at non-halaal places, check for the below mentioned.
One of the commonly used haraam ingredients in ice cream and milkshakes, is cochineal- it is a dye made from insects used it syrups.
There are many haraam ingredients that we should be aware of:

Choletsorol: type of fat always of animal origin. If extracted from halaa slaughtered animal, it is Halal.

Diglyceride: Emulsifier. If of animal origin it should be suspected till the source is known.


Gelatin (Jello Gelatin): Usually of animal origin, mostly from pig. If extracted from a halaal slaughtered animal, then it is halal/

Glycerol (Glycerine): It could be of animal, plant or Glyceryl-Stearate synthetic origin. If animal source is used, it is suspected.

Hormones: Usually animal hormones are used for human consumption. One has to find out the source before passing a judgement.

Lard: Fat from swine particulaly found in the abdominal cavity. Totally Haram for us.

Magnesium Stearate2 (stearic acid): Used as an active ingredient in medicine tablets. Haram when derived from animal source.

Mono Glycerides: When derived from animal source. (Halal when the source is plant). Pepsin: A digestive enzyme mostly from pig stomach.

Rennin (Rennet): A protein Enzyme. Usually not labeled. (In most cheeses). Shortening: Fats and oils of animal origin. Animal/Lard

Vanilla: Extracted using alcohol.

Vitamins: Haram when from animal source. Mostly the source is synthetic or plant and are Halal.

Whey: Used in ice creams and yogurt. Haram when from animal source.
Always check for halaal. ❤️

Swipe for more pics.
Everyone is pretty aware of the greasy, creamy and rich foods that we eat. I thought that Dr. Baker must be pretty confident in her food to invite us over. The pictures which I had seen on social media looked incredible, but no sugar, healthy meals.. I didn't expect flavourful satisfying meals.
Dreaded the sit at a restaurant where the kids would fuss and fidget, probably spill some water and complain of boredom. Lo and behold, a small area with Legos for the kids. I expected them to be entertained for about 5minutes. 1 hour later, they didn't want to leave. Brilliant idea, and perfect for quiet play.
Fresh, vibrant, gourmet meals, Durbans first Halaal dining Restuarant that offers a complete balance of your health and wellness needs on a plate.
Breakfast is usually served at breakfast time. Luckily for me, they had a pineapple left over for the ever so intriguing pineapple boat. The pineapple is scooped out and filled with yoghurt, muesli and fresh fruit. Then... they was honey. Sublime, delicious, smooth golden honey. I asked the waiter to go to the chef and ask him if this is honey or a syrup, because it tastes too good to be honey. Just that honey seals the deal. It is clear to understand the quality of ingredients used at @skinny

For mains, we opted for the Lemon Garlic prawns on a bed of zucchini pasta. I expected some prawns, some green marrow and lots of blandness. The plated dish arrived promptly, being the most attractive plate of prawns that I had ever seen. All myths of healthy being boring, were dispelled as the aroma filled the air. A tangy, medium heat platter of 8 seasoned, fleshy prawns on al dente vegetable, drizzled with a flavourful, sauce. I have never ever eaten a guilt-free meal cooked and presented to such perfection. The picture says it all.
Continued below..


Good ice cream outweighs bad lighting 🙌
I would never ever try some of the flavors that these kids try, but they absolutely, positively love them. I love their opinions, especially on what good ice cream should taste like, each so different.
Littlest: OMG, they have my favorite color ice cream, purple, purple! I like sour things. Sour ice cream is my favorite.
I doubt it's sour, it's probably fruity or tangy.
Eldest: Strawberries and cream or anything pink is my favorite.
She was ever so pleased with her choice.
Son: I only eat white, sweet ice cream.
Vanilla always for him. But not any vanilla, it has to be rich, creamy and full cream.
Blueberries and cream, strawberries and cream,
Vanilla cream.

#saturdaynight #treats

Hello there bestie 🎉❤️
Thank you ❤️ There a can be no other #halaal

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@therollingpinsa tonight at @pitstop_overport from 7pm till late.
Be sure to give them a try. Always flavourful always a dreamy dough.


Long overdue review of @eishkream .
Cold pressed spaghetti ice cream in South Africa.
I was sent 3 flavours to sample. The bubblegum, the charcoal and biscoff. By the time my friend got them to me, they had melted. We refroze them. I was able to taste the flavours but not the textures.
The bubblegum will review below. The charcoal was a coconut flavour ice cream. The biscoff was my favourite. It was caramel with a biscuit flavour.
I was curious so I got another box from @shelloverportmotors in the bubblegum flavour at R35 a box. The biscoff was sold out.
The refrozen ice cream that I tasted didn't do the ice cream justice. It isn't a rich or creamy ice cream. The texture and experience of the actual spaghetti ice cream is what makes it unique. The bubblegum flavour was amazing, with the cold strands of ice cream spaghetti melting as it touches your tongue.
Share with us flavours that you have tried and enjoyed.

All this red has me interested ❤️ @just_baked_durban at @dlishcuisine launch at Al Ansaar till 4 pm today.

@something.meaty poping up for the very first time.

The shawarma bread is not for everyone, but it surely was for me. Between a puri and a pita bread, fried till golden and filled with a chicken or steak filling.
The hubby enjoyed it. Getting a review from him is not happening as most of you might have noticed from previous reviews 😐 He did say he will have only one then ate both. That's a review right there.
I did suggest that a spicy option would be awesome, either with crushed chilli or hot sauce.
Sold as 2 shawarmas per a portion. Priced at R35 for chicken or R45 for steak. R40 for one of each flavor.
What did you guys think of it?

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