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NeW Space. Impressive. Didn't this used to be part of the law school? #nostalgic #newcastle #almamater #recoveringlawstudent

This is what happens when I run with @dace_t2000. Welcome back, mate. #naughty #badpatient #shrunners #thelongreturn

I think I shall. So rich I put half in the fridge for later.

Psyching myself up for grocery shopping (and still thawing out after a frosty parkrun)

Final morning #goldcoast #winter

When you're small and cropped jeans end up being perfectly tailored full length jeans. #legsforhours

There are worse views for a core, physio and roll session

I think my pancreas just stopped. Oh wait, there it goes. #whyirun #defeated #sydneytrailcrew

A few more selections from this weekend.

Vast expanses of nothing. #westernplains #roadtrip

How I foresee my run tomorrow.

Trying not to be a lazy cow with my physio exercises

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