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Monica  I trust you know how to read

Heavenly love from Hell's Kitchen! #bowiethedog

April 1830 an illegal slave ship carrying over 300 people crashed against the rocks of Caffard. Most of the men died because they were shackled together to the cargo hold. The few surviving Africans were placed into the custody of a blind, free man, after having been rescued by Francois Dizac and his slaves. These monoliths stand as a tribute to those who lost their lives and as a reminder of the inhumanity of slavery. As we enjoy our coffee, sugar, chocolate, cotton, and White House, remember how it started and why we're here today. History through art. #makeantillesgreatagain #blm

Ladies loving life #makeantillesgreatagain

Caribbean queens #makeantillesgreatagain

Only one of us knows which day of the week it is and I'm okay being not the one #makeantillesgreatagain #28C #82F #saturdayswingers

Vacation hair sauvage #makeantillesgreatagain

I'll take "Sounds that are more pleasant than anything from this administration" for $1,000, Alex 🔊

Not betting against this team 🌈💗✨#superbowl #puppybowl #lovebowl

Birds of paradise birthday card becomes glorious art by the incredible @l0v3zs_nailart #vacationnails #putabirdonit

Support Animal #bowiethedog