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Dylan Furst  Photographer and filmmaker based in Bellingham, Washington State. Dylanfurstphoto@gmail.com


One of my favorite things in the world is listening to music as I watch the rain fall from my window. What is your favorite song for a rainy day? Going to make a playlist of suggestions!
🎶 Controlla - Idealism

Time seemed to stop while watching these clouds move over the ridge. I lost track of time and sat hypnotized for hours.


The oldest and tallest tree towering over the ridge

Getting new perspectives in the forest with @djiglobal. I get the same feelings flying the #Phantom4Pro as I did when I first started photography. The excitement of doing something new has been inspiring, and it opens up many more doors within my photography. #NewFrameOfMind

Appreciation for the little living things in the forest

Face to face with a tree creature. It's been really fun experimenting with my @broncolor move 1200L kit in the forest, it's allowed a different world to come to life through my photography. A simple walk through the woods gets my imagination running wild.

Sometimes it’s the simpler scenes that hold the most emotion

Thankful for having incredible local trails and people who maintain them. A source of instant inspiration.

Watching the fog form never gets old

Taking off to get the shot with @djiglobal. The control you have is pretty incredible on the #Phantom4Pro, and within a couple minutes I’m able to get into position for that image I’ve always dreamed about. With the assistance of Obstacle Avoidance, it has allowed me to be comfortable flying in almost every situation.

Looking out nature’s window

Beneath the surface, the snow makes its way to the forest floor. The grip of winter still holds strong.

In the woods

I took this image from a rooftop in Bogotá, Colombia with my point and shoot camera zoomed in to its maximum focal length. The plant was in an alley surrounded by concrete and other distractions, and this photo would have looked a lot different if I hadn’t isolated the plant from that scene. It’s good practice to notice more details in your surroundings, and to find unique perspectives within them. You never know what you might create from it.

Last night on the island, soaking in the rainstorm.

Changing focus. While these details are small, this clip represents something much larger for myself. Washington State has always been home, but I’ve never felt more at home than I do now.

The beast lurks in the dark blue hour, hiding behind a thick layer of fog.

Walls of ice tower over Greenland fisherman, working together to break through the frozen ice after a day of fishing. The ocean would fill the bay with new ice throughout the day, making it difficult to find a path through. We ended up towing the fisherman to shore, breaking the ice with our larger boat. Just another day on the job in Greenland.

A nice place to hideout

Yesterday in Arizona. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to use my small point and shoot camera more, it’s been refreshing to not haul my pro set up around when I’m not working. It’s made my leisure travels more enjoyable having a camera that can pretty much fit in my pocket.

Unique cloud cover along the lake the other day. Nature can create some pretty cool patterns.

Perfect conditions along the river the other day. With this being about an hour away from home, I doubt I’ll ever move.

Details along the trail on yesterday’s snowy hike

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