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Holiday breaks with the kids

Hey! Do you need occasional dose of motivation and inspiration? Feel free to follow my page @one2onewithf.u.m.s
Let's make a difference together guys.

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Wisdom is definitely power. Hence why the scripture says "Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding".
At the Harvest investment club business conference and boy! Are the nuggets insightful. "Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil." So guys, "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you." Always seek to empower yourself as wisdom/information is an amour to an individual.
I'm so excited and looking forward to execution.


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Birthday weekend #nofilter

Be a good and obedient Samaritan today.
Yes! Not only in the context of looking out for your neighbour but most importantly in the context of that of the Samaritan woman who came to draw water from Jacob’s well.

She didn’t know, just like most of us, that she would meet Someone who would change her life drastically just by being obidient one day (today). Her life had been filled with broken relationships, hurt and shame, failed businesses, stagnant career, rejection and even the feeling of worthlessness and being used just like many of us.

She went to the well that day, just like any other day. Just like any other day for you and me, we approach today. Jesus was waiting.

He asked her for a drink. When she questioned His reason, He in turn offered her water—living water. If she drank of it, she would never thirst again.
God is waiting for you today as always. He wants to offer you water that will quench your thirst for good. Many of us try various methods to quench our thirst (lust, drugs, alcohol, sex etc) but somehow the void never fills up.

Good news! There's an offer on today- Jesus is offering you spiritual life alongside a new lease on life.

Make today the time for a trip to the well. As we come to Christ in prayer, seeking a much-needed drink, we will find Him waiting at the well, offering the same living water to each of us that He offered to the Samaritan woman.

Have a glorious Wednesday.

You need to win in the breathing ground of your thoughts first (THE MIND) to be a winner and an achiever.
Be conscious of what gets processed there today!

I'm grateful.....

Double portion is my lot in this new year.... Happy birthday to ME!!💃

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First of All.... Introduction!!!! Dear family and friends,

It is with great joy I announce the reveal of my Youtube Channel introduction video - One 2 One With F.U.M.S (Funmi Understands My Struggles). I have a deep passion for helping youths and young adults to realign their focus for as many that may have lost it and to help encourage those still on track to remain focused.

It has been a long time coming, so I'm glad I can now use this medium to share my mistakes, challenges and how I turned them into a success story to motivate and inspire the younger generation.

I am super excited!!! I hope you are too... The change i want to see, must first begin with me.... I know I cannot change the whole world but I will try to influence my immediate circle.


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Hey Fam..... Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance.
So, I've been away with my family for a few days to celebrate the season and oh! What a blast it was.
I took a day out to reflect on 2016, the good, bad and the ugly (I will recommend you do the same too) before the new year. I concluded on the fact that, you can't go into the new year with the same mentality and approach and expect a different results (that would be insanity). It will be like putting new wine in old wine skin.... cè terrible (working on my French 😆).
Anyway, my point is, there must be quite shift. A shift in the mental state before the physical and spiritual.
You need to go into the new year with a conscious mindset. To be conscious to pray, conscious to feed your spiritual and physical man, otherwise all the resolution will be a waste of time.
Let your focus be on keeping your mind and spiritual man fit before the physical and outward appearance. The truth is, the latter two will fade but the former two will be there forever. So, why waste your time and resources on temporal things!

Enough said! See you all in the new year.
As for me, I am bolting into 2017 with a different mind set. #seeifyoucancatchme😆

Who am I that You are mindful of me... that You hear me when I call....#IamafriendofGod.
I would like to encourage someone that it doesn't matter what you are facing or going through, God is NOT deaf. Whatever it is, count it all joy. Persevere and remain steadfast in prayers. He loves to hear your voice but acts in His own time. That's what makes him God. Our time is not His neither is our ways His ways. Sit back and LEARN from the process you're going through. I promise you, the storm will soon calm. Sorrow may last for a night BUT joy comes in the morning.
#SundayInspiration #HappySunday

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