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funkyprepper  Former infantry reserve soldier🇬🇧 prepping🗡 wildcamping⛺️ vegan based diet🌾 pagan tendencies 🌛 nature🌲 Partner @woolandwoodland💑 "Stay Funky" ✌

Carboot sales are awesome. We are noticing more and more businesses taking over. It used to be people getting rid of their OWN stuff for 10p an item or so. Now it's house clearance auction stuff that's passed on for £20 plus sort of items. Same old thing, out of all the thousands of items you see.....a few would be a bargain, you just have to be patient and observant. #carboot

Old camping wok #carboot #bushcraft

Old military field phone at car boot sale, sold for £25 #carboot #armyphone

One of the most frustrating things about filming my YouTube videos is the old tripod I was using my broken tripod. Carboot steel at £5 was this velbon cx444 in new condition in the box. It's taller than my old one, the spring clips on the legs all work perfectly. Smoother panning shots too. Well happy, I'm currently on a YouTube break and looking forward to filming with this when I have some more time. #carboot #camaratripod #velboncx444

When arlen met arlen 😂. First time arlen has ever seen a mirror. He even went behind it to see. Bless him 🐾. #thecontinuedadventuresofarlen #arlen #ferretrescue

Book o clock #andymcnab #aggressor £1 charity shop find. Used to have the whole set of these. Awesome reads 📖

Knackered old roller #vintage #lawnroller

Apple blossom 🌸

Follow your own path and look at nature

What is this? #insectid #idinsect

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