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funkyprepper  Former infantry reserve soldier🇬🇧 prepping🗡 wildcamping⛺️ vegan based diet🌾 pagan tendencies 🌛 nature🌲 Partner @woolandwoodland💑 "Stay Funky" ✌

Always ceases to amaze me lol. They will all be under water by now 😂. #nevergofullretard #coastlife #muppets #tideiscominginfast

Slowly getting the lounge fixed up. The 3 solid oak dark pieces of furniture was £34 in total - getting to know the right places and people 😉. Very heavy, solid and well built, will look awesome when we get our stuff on it with candles etc. #bargains #oldstuffisbuiltbetter #solidoak

As soon as I saw this lil fork in the charity shop for 25p I knew it's life would be dedicated to spear picked onions 🍴#bargain #charityshop

When you need a knife fast to do kitchen stuff. Cheap lil mora does the job. #mora

When your girl likes the same shit as you and shopping beats the fuck out of ikea 💖👊#soulmates #welikethesameshit

No caption necessary #quote

Bug out kit. #prepper 🇬🇧

Arlens first time outside the house. Lol, he's bloody loving it. #thecontinuedadventuresofarlen #arlen #ferretrescue #ferret #arlentheferret

£4.20 for the lot. We love charity shops. Out of hundreds of items, a few got bought. Little by little we will get this house together. Were not I'm debt and refuse to get anything on credit. My mum and dad always said..... If you can't afford it, don't get it or save for it. We love the same things and definitely don't do new cheap crap at high prices. #charityshop #bargains #livewithinyourmeans

Can anyone recommend a good washing machine for under £300? Plan to use argos/comet etc #advice #ask #washingmachine

Back up off grid heating, all filled with paraffin + 25l extra. You can distill paraffin with recycled plastics and stores for 20 years plus. Also 15kg gas bottle back up. All tried and tested over the last 6 months. Spare wicks and batteries. Life without central heating could be tough on most these days. Keeping warm in a grid down scenario could be a life saver if the weather gets real cold. From left to right. £20, £50, £3.50, £3.50,£FREE #prepper #offgridheating #paraffin #zibro #kerro #heating #shtf

Saw this cool 🇺🇸 American bike, one of my mates down the road had one in the late 70's/early 80's. It had a fixed wheel on it and done awesome skids lol #Americanbike #retro

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