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Elliot Tousley  ‘Funk Tous’ 1/2 of @jigandfunk 'Funk is the problem, and the solution.' - Michael Scott. Stream my Funk 👇🏼

‘We may have all come on separate ships, but we’re in the same boat now’ 🛥🚤⛵️🛶

Wow. RIP @macmiller - This album shaped so much of my freshman year of college, feel like my friends and I bumped this everyday. 26 is too young. Take care of yourselves.

#Throwback to ‘The Cave Boy’ days with my dude @jiggytone - We made this album in my basement when we were 18 and we sat around a table burning CD’s with like 6 different laptops for like 14 hours the night before we went to UNH in 2010. Printed out like 350 CD’s and handed them out on campus to anyone that would give us the time of day. No one even knew my name, I was just ‘the cave boy guy’ or ‘that kid who raps’ 😂
Doesn’t feel like that was eight years ago. I made a lot of friends through TCB and had some fun making jams like ‘Change the World’ and ‘The Rugrat Song’ and getting to perform in front of my friends at school. It’s crazy how much time has gone by since, but I still love making music and being around folks who support creativity. Thank you to everyone who made The Cave Boys what it was, it’s been a great experience being able to share this part of my life with you all 🍻

Summer nights in NH 🎣 🛶

Summertime Funk 🎤

Great time getting all nice and sweaty with the boys for our show at @doverbrickhouse 😅 Got to practice some unreleased songs, and had a fun night with everyone who came out, thank you! 📸 @paulcorgan

Felt great to get back out on stage. I only forgot like 5% of the words 😂 @paulcorgan 📸

The boys clean up nice. Congratulations to Melissa and Perry! 🥂

@jigandfunk getting back on the performance train with a show in Dover, NH this Friday. Performing alongside @ryanoakesmusic @dylanreesemusic and Abstract. Should be a lot of fun, would love to see you there 🤙🏼

‘Muse’ Coming soon 🎤 #SummertimeFunk

My birds and I getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July. 🐦🐦🐦🐦

Thank you to everyone who has been checking out the new @jigandfunk album ‘JUKEBOX vol. 1’ on @spotify - up over 20,000 streams now! Got some more music news coming Friday... @sonymusicglobal

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