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Shawnean  Welcome to the little random windows of my life-My life is my son 💙

I asked my #grandma to make Jordan a #blanket. It was expensive for me and time consuming for her. Her exact words were don't ask me to do this again! I feel a bit bad for asking her but then again now that it's finished I'm super happy that Jordan will have a blanket made by his great grandmother.

My boy just loves his #sushi and his miso soup.

Finally got my #tattoo done today and a touch up on my infinity symbol. So happy and so in love with it! 😍

We took the #bus like a big boy today!

It's #moments like this that make my #heart #explode 💙💙💙

These two ridiculous little people have known each other for a year and a half. They are the best of friends even if they are mean to each other sometimes. Top photo was the first day they met. Jordan was 8 months and Stella was 9 months. I can't believe how teeny the were and how much they've grown. I love them both to bits 💙💗 @aliencheftim @ivytatlock @chanmorley

This is not my grandmas regular #christmastree. My #grandma spent a week in the hospital just when she was gonna put hers up. When she came home she was still too weak to put it up. My #mom brought her tree over, set it up and they decorated it together. I told my grandmother that I didn't care if she had a tree or not, I just wanted her home for #Christmas. I love her so much xo ❤🎄

I babysat this little #angel yesterday and even though for the most part they both behaved I have mad #respect for #parents with multiple #children. That's tough tiring work. I'm also pretty proud of the fact that I got them both to go down for a nap roughly around the same time! Yay me! @ivytatlock

The excitement on his face kills me! I'm so glad he likes it. #digger

First time seeing #snow and for his #birthday no less. #WhatLuck #SnowForHisBirthday. Video care of @aliencheftim

#Birthday fun! Thought I was filming and realized I wasn't. Only got the last bit of the birthday song. Thanks to @sharonkovan and @aliencheftim for the wonderful #cake yet again.