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Funk Monk & The Temple of Funk  As good as you can grow it. Raise em 2 Blaze em.

Ghost Og

Custom from @bowlpusher @jrossglass. Can't thank these two for taking the time to make this for me specially before the glass project. The hospitality shown for my friends and I were above and beyond. Sorry took so long to post but can't seem to put it down. Funk blessings brothers and keep Detroit in the arts funk on

Obama Kush with some @vincentgordon Funktastik art work for a back drop. Funk on and puff tough

Ghost Og getting prepped for a trip to the @nlg_dabcity710 spa. Where he makes fine ladies into their finest purity. Funk on

Death Star was a funky fun lady to thumb. Homework session was great and can't wait to taste the results. Loving the leaf to bud ratio and her production. Can Definately see both parents in her. Thumbing the parents gave me a good scope on what to expect. Front end smells complex, sweet but astringent lemony fruitish type then to a whole lot of fuel/diesel stank. Thanks @ogturtlejuice @headkracker_ for the knowledge, lol sorry it took years for me to give her a thumb'n. Look forward to some more runs cause we know we can always do funk'n better. Funk blessings bro's

Ghost Og

Ghost Og basking in the gavita sunlight. Faded Glory, funk on

Death Star lower hanging and banging funk on

Obama Kush

Obama Kush bush no.2. Masterfully created by that funky @csi_humboldt homeboy. Funk on

Obama Kush bush. Raise em 2 blaze em. Here's to a late start for 2017 but surely blessed to be here and doing the funk. Funk blessings

Obama Kush

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