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Crash Caban  South Florida Cosplayer. 🌴 Cosplayer, Gamer, Prop Maker. 🎀 Next Cons: Out, AX, Colossal 💮 💌: (。◕‿◕🌸。)


So A SHITLOAD OF YOU all guessed correctly except very few. So that makes me happy my followers know how much of a weeb for Jojo I am. 🤣

It's on my left shoulder just mirrors and stuff ya feel.
Also with what's been happening lately with @notalentcosplay she really inspired to finally get my Joestar tattoo. She's back in Florida and in recovery. One step at a time !! I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND ❤️ Thank you @black.metal for doing this. 🎀

Joestar fam where you at ??? #jojo #jojosbizarreadventure #joestar #joestarfamily #jjba

Did a shoot today and got to release my inner Alice Glass.
Thank you @alexsharkface for asking to shoot today. 🖤

Good afternoon everyone.
So as you all may have heard already, one of my really dear friends is currently flying out to Chicago to get treated for a rare disease called Acanthamoeba Keratitis. You can read more about it on her page @notalentcosplay. She's my fuckin' cosplay girlfriend and I love her so much. I've known this beautiful soul before she even had an IG and suggested for her to get one because she's so amazing and committed at what she does. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE HOW GREAT SHE IS. And I remember her saying "Man I'm too old to know what that is" or something like that haha. She's so funny too. I just have so much to say about her because she's honestly so amazing. She doesn't deserve this. I'm so happy our paths crossed that day in the bathroom in a con. But I'm going to shut up now because I'm getting emotional and she means so much to me, and many others as well !!
Send all your positive vibes and prayers to her. And lend all your strength to her boyfriend Rob who's supporting and being with her through this. I love you Gianna and miss you I hope to speak to you soon. 💙
Thank you @sixshooterphotography for capturing this cute moment for us. 💙💚

Too lazy to flip photo. But here's a selfie of A2. Still have to make final adjustments and stuff but she's practically done. 🖤

#a2 #a2cosplay #nierautomata #nierautomatacosplay

So @art.b0i drew me as a stand, and of course MY BIRB BEAMO IS MY STAND. I love this so much. 😭 Thank you so much for like this I love it so much ahhhhhhh. 💙 You guys have to go check out his art !!

"Careful what you do, cause God is watching your every move~ 🎶"

So I'm planning on revamping this version and making another of Misa later in the year. Her character wasn't my favorite, but I can appreciate her admiration towards what she believed in, plus we have very similar clothing tastes. 👌🏻

Photographer: @vidasinmuerte

#deathnote #deathnotecosplay #misaamane #misamisa #lightyagami #lightyagamicosplay #ryuk #ryukcosplay #katsucon #katsu #katsucon17 #katsucon2017 #cosplay #cosplayers #cosplayersofinstagram

So I've only been posting preview and process photos on my story, so time to make an actual post now that it's finally coming together !

I ended up being extra and doing the outer edges with ribbon (and thanks to everyone who voted yesterday and said ribbon over paint ✨). I'm also thinking about drawing a similar pattern of the front on the back pieces. Just cause why not ? I haven't been able to successfully see a canon photo of the back except that it's split in two, so if anything has in game screenshots or something pls send them my way ! If not I'll probably make it my own style cause I'm extra. ✨I've been using Yaya Han's black pleather stretch fabric for everything. I like it so far !

I'm about to do the right thigh high and gloves and I'll be done ayyyyy. OH and the shoes. 👀

#a2 #a2cosplay #nierautomata #nierautomatacosplay #wip #yayahanfabric

What Jojo part is this ???? 👀
Gladiolus is obviously Misa Misa's stand. 💪🏻

Light Yagami: @zacktherippercosplay
Ryuk: @crimsyncosplay
Gladiolus: @aerocosplay
Misa Amane: Me

LOOK HOW PRETTY THIS PHOTO IS AHHHHH. Charlie made us look all ethereal and shit. I'm so happy with it. ✨✨

Photographer: @vidasinmuerte
Anasui Narciso: @notalentcosplay
Jolyne Kujo: Me

I am crying. League released a new champion that has caught my attention 150% and she has this crazy bird, feathery aesthetic going on (and those who know me personally know how MUCH I love birds and anything in relation) I'M JUST GOING TO CASUALLY SLIDE HER INTO MY COSPLANS FOR THIS YEAR.

Now if anyone wants to be my Rakan hmu. 🌚

Joestar pride~ ft. My boyfriend from jail. 💙

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