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Crash Caban  South Florida Cosplayer. 🌴 Cosplayer, Gamer, Prop Maker. 🎀 Next Cons: AX, Super, Metro 💮 💌: crashcaban@yahoo.com (。◕‿◕🌸。)


Panty over here looking like Farrah Moan and Stocking looking like a straight up goth BITCH. My kind of aesthetic for these two thots. 🎀✨✨✨
Photographer: @hian_photos
Panty Anarchy: @zacktherippercosplay
Stocking Anarchy: Moi

Had a KanLena shoot today. 🌚 it got pretty spicy and super cute. If you guys didn't already know this is my all time favorite (STR8) ship ever. HNNNGG. @vidasinmuerte did such an amazing job today !!! The photos are so beautiful ahhhhhh.

So @aishizaya is making my ship dreams come true this Friday and I AM SO READY AND GRATEFUL TO HAVE THEM AS MY FRIEND AAAAAAAAA. Get ready for some cute shit coming soon. 👀👀👀👀

So my hair is now purple. It was suppose to be a purple to gray ombré but the purple washed over the gray making it a light almost pastel color towards the ends. Not even mad though. 💜💜

"Self-control is bad for the soul~."
Photographer: @hian_photos
Panty Anarchy: @zacktherippercosplay
Men Candy: @sir_william_17 && @p.i.e_cosplay

Have a casual selfie !! With the cutie @willo.cosplay 🎀✨✨

I got to be in Tae Takemi for a while Friday of AFO !! But sad I didn't get to shoot in her. But will be trying soon. 🌚 Also if anyone knows who the protagonist is please tag him !!! He was super adorable and since I was in a semi rush I couldn't really hang much with their cute p5 group ahhh 😭

I did my own (rushed) version of Pool Party Xayah !! I had a swimsuit and everything but I only had time to take this quick selfie by the pool before shooting with the rest of the Pool Party League squad. 🎀✨✨
Huge shoutout to @kd_cosplay @vidasinmuerte @transientunicorn and @aishizaya for helping me with all the stuff to assemble the ears and hat !! 😭Everything came out so good and I thank you all for helping me rush it the night before. Love you beautiful beans. ❤️❤️

You know I lost the email with all the photos @yusufdaza and I did of Snake and Paz. 😑 But I still have this one of us dabbing LMAO.
Photo by @sean_e_ryan !!

So today is @akrcos' birthday, so here's one of my favorite photos we took last year when we all got super gay in DGM and made a random Lenalee x Tyki ship. XD 🎀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GORGEOUS SOUL. ✨✨✨ If you haven't checked her out GO DO IT. And wish her a happy birthday. ❤️❤️❤️

Non cosplay photo but here's a selfie from last night !!! 🎀✨✨✨I love her so much ahhh 💜

I'm actually super sad I didn't get more shots in Jinx. While shooting this I was incredibly intoxicated and wouldn't stop running around. 🤣 I'm still so sorry @theendofsomethingbeautiful !! She's the photographer and had to deal with my ass lmao. I MISS/LOVE YOOOUUUUU.

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