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😍💙  •look here for DIYS and tips •requests? comment below

6th grade:u don't really need makeup haha but if anything lipgloss and some mascara will be perf♥️
7th grade: foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and a pretty lip color! This is perf for 7th graders!
8th grader: foundation, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, blush, concealer and a cute pink blush!!
Qotd: what's ur fave makeup brand?💜 requests? Comment below!💕

DIY bath jelly😍
Ingredients : unsweetened gelatin
Any liquid body wash
Pot with water
Food coloring (optional)
Mason jars or any type of jar

1.First take two packets of gelatin in a bowl and mix in with the water an add food coloring if wanted
2. Put the mixture in a pot that is on the stove
3. Add in about 5-10 pumps of liquid body wash
4. Mix until the gelatin is dissolved
5. Pour the mixture into a bowl
6. Put the mixture in the freezer for 10 mins, and then in the fridge until the mixture has turned into jelly
7.scoop the mixture into the jar as wanted!
8. Decorate the jar
Question... Any requests?? Comment below!! Also what's ur fave color??💜💙

1. Don't use heat products often it burns ur hair): 2. Don't get hair cuts to often, trust me I have not gotten one in a year, but my hair is down to my waist and it's super healthy!
3. Use good quality shampoo+ conditionar
4. Be gentle with hair:)
5. Sleep with ur hair free ( no ponytails or buns or braids)
6. When brushing hair don't brush too hard!
7. Make a hair chart meaning write down the lengths before and after u do these tricks!
Btw: how long is ur hair💕💕

•1 relax and watch a movie •2 give your self a manicure •3 face time a friend
•4 drink hot coco by the fire •5 play In the snow •6 master the messy bun •7 watch youtube videos
•8 bake cookies •9 read your book\phone😂
•10 drink your favorite sweet hot milkshake 😍

Enjoy💕 any requests??

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