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Robert Hernandez  "On their faces you'll see looks of pleasure, cause they'll live forever." Primus Lune HHS '19 Front Ensemble Captain

We do it the best.💕💕

This is Dominique Renteria, and she's my beautiful girlfriend, and today is our 2 year anniversary. I just wanted to thank her for being the most supportive and understanding person I've met. She's seen me at my best and worst and I thank her for that. I love you so much. She's a perfect friend and confidant👌 and I thank her for coming into my life. I couldn't get her for our 2 years because I'm broke like a joke but I hope my love will be enough *fingers crossed*


"The world is changing. The world is ending."

Yeah we cute as hell. Some of the many Juniors that I'm extremely grateful for to have in my life and to have them to graduate with in the future. I love you guys!❤ "We're halfway there!"

Also spent tonight with my wonderful girlfriend! Thank you so much for thinking of going tonight it was great!

Had awesome unplanned time tonight with @the_pit_girl , had an awesome first time at First Friday downtown. Thank you so much Brianna for inviting us and giving us a ride home just out of the kindness of your heart and for being such an amazing awesome person. I love you!💙

My attempt at a humble homage to my second favorite character in the Harry Potter series. TAH DAH! Hermione Granger!


"Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!"

This is literally the most beautiful song I've heard. I had to share it (thank you Dominique for being so patient with me while I talked about it all night)

"There was once three brothers who were traveling a lonely, winding road at twilight."

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