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Functional Tennis Training  Knowing principles is key! Always pick quality over mindless quantity! Move well than move often! Are you a physically competent & confident athlete?


Couple months ago we made a “brochure” where we tried to present one part of our training system and spread out the wisdom among our club members and visitors. Here are couple pictures from the brochure, so everyone can peek in little bit. 😉🎾#functionaltraining

We should always keep this on our mind when it comes to coaching/working with our athletes on or off the court!!

@mesamei7 proving how working smart/with quality and not that much at all (quantity), is much better than working hard and a lot and “stupid”. 🎾Big win today in France!! Still huge space/potential for improvement and learning. But first step is made and now we all enjoy the further process!

Doing corrective things OFF the tennis court needs to be followed with doing correctives ON the court.. It has to go together!

🎾Our young student giving a free lesson on how to move in tennis! 🎾Even you dear pros are allowed to learn from this amazing young lady!! 🎾Enjoy in her natural stile of execution of basic and also sport specific movements.. 😍

15+ years tennis players, and never worked on basics such as “Linear Acceleration and Deceleration”... Guys did amazing for very first time. Proud on them! They are going to win some matches in France this season! 👍🏼💪🏼🙂

Happy New Year! 🎉🎆

If athlete has a shirt on, and if coach doesn’t know the athletes body enough, and it’s current stage (level of preparation/“fitness”), all of these inefficiencies would NOT be noticed!!! 🔻Here... we specifically see examples of Core (spine) stabilization inefficiencies. 🔻Does your athlete use their muscles to stabilize (even in these most basic patterns) or they might be stabilizing with passive structures!?? 🔻Videos that I use here as examples are the most common exercises that probably every tennis player does often in their practice! 🔻Video 1 is Horizontal pull, Video 2 Half kneeling (lunge), Video 3 Front bridge variation, Video 4 Half kneeling cable chop, Video 5 One Leg Squat, Video 6 Push up position, Picture 7 Side bridge (plank).. 🔻Knowing principles, progressions and proper form and body alignments (posture), can make these exercises perfectly beneficial, but otherwise you might be doing more HARM than good, especially if adding resistance!! 🔻Sorry to say this, but our job is little bit more complicated than just counting repetitions and going on YT for bunch of different exercises... 🔻 But also virtuosity/mastery from experts in this field (industry), can make it really simple for us which is a key! They provide principles and knowing and understanding the principles is key!! I had a luck to meet some of them and learn from some of them! @michael_boyle1959 @cresseysportsperformance #motusmelior @gogymarky

Back to wall shoulder flexion (first video) is an exercise but also an assessment at the same time! -As Eric Cressey says: “recent research shows that having a shoulder flexion limitation on your dominant arm of more than 5 degrees in throwing motion sports increases your risk of elbow injury by 2,8 times!” 🔻It’s a perfect illustration of the kinetic chain concept where we realize that a shoulder problem is directly related to scapula control issue, thoracic spine issue, core positioning issue and how all these things can impact the elbow! 🔻-If the athlete has shoulder flexion limitation (normal shoulder flexion should be not less than 170 degrees) it’s really important to address that, because it doesn’t always mean it’s going to be an elbow injury! It can be: slap tear, biceps tendon irritation, stress fracture in lower back, and a lot of other - different things! -There is a lot of reasons (issues) why you can be limited in this assessment (exercise), some of them are listed above! 🔻-This exercise forces you to set your core in good position before you go overhead! If you can’t do this - you can’t serve in tennis in a safe way or do overhead press exercises in the gym!!!
🔻-Few tips how to do it: start in position where your feet are about 6 inches from the wall - knees slightly bent so your entire back and head stay stuck to the wall - hand next to the body - thumbs up - inhale - while exhaling go to full shoulder flexion range of motion - don’t lose starting posture - don’t bend your elbows - exhale in top position! If you feel pain in the neck or pinching in the front - don’t power through it - work with the comfortable range of motion that you have. Also to make it little easier you can start with feet further from the wall! 🔻P.S. depending on how your scapulas sits on rib cage this exercise can have a few variations! For more info check out Eric Cressey’s video “3 back to wall shoulder flexion cues” on YT!! 🔻-Second video is just me, working my way there -It sucks to be a dysfunctional athlete or individual in general! 🙂

-First two videos are how it originally looked liked at the start, and last two video are improvements just after one small practice (30 minutes of cueing). -Still needs a lot of work (I know... there is too big hyperextension in lumbar spine, and it’s still far from optimal serving motion). But hey, if your player is determined, focused, has good kinesthetic awareness, and etc.. it helps a lot the process of technique fixing or in any other training aspect! -But, the main point I want to make is, if off court work is not following up what’s going on, on tennis court, than most likely it’s not going to work out good! You can be doing best possible off court work outs for your athletes, but if they have poor sport specific technique that will affect everting else and functionality in general! Novak Djokovic is the best example of this! Look at Novak’s strokes (especially serve) from few years ago and compare it with how it looks lately! His people definitely knew what they were doing - similar situation with Federer (only difference Federer was almost ideal from the very start) 🙂

-Motus Melior!! Place you definitely want to visit if hanging out in Balkans’s area! -Amazing team of experts and great people.. There with young tennis player @sinadinovicjovan for assessment and plenty of knowledge! #motusmelior #zagreb #croatia #athleteassessments

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