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Functional Tennis Training  Knowing principles is key! Always pick quality over mindless quantity! Move well than move often! Are you a physically competent & confident athlete?

In the last post we talked about feet mechanics and how important it is to have a healthy feet, so we can apply and transfer the Force properly. 🎾 Another key aspect is to know proper technique how to position our FEET and our BODY when it comes to changing directions of movement! Check these videos (first 2 how the best ones are doing it) and 3rd video how to start teaching kids early this crucial aspect of the game - health!
@srdjanjanja You are allowed to answer on this too!! 😂 Educate us PLEASE.

@coach_jair giving a lesson about “feet” and importance of their proper mechanics. 👌🏼💪🏼 It’s unreal how many “high level” young tennis players I see with flat feet, over-pronated feet and etc and they are not even aware of it. 🎾 Tennis is a sport where we have a lot of acceleration, deceleration, re-acceleration (changing of direction of movement), so we are dealing with a lot of “forces”.. If we don’t know proper techniques of How to position ourselves while doing these movements, if we don’t have proper mechanics and movement quality, these mentioned forces unfortunately will make a lot of damage to our body!

How fluid this movement is. Wow!! That cross over is like a poetry! 🙂👌🏼 #rafaelnadal

@alexjohanssoninsta and myself were sharing some experiences and learning from @ericcressey It was fun, like always..

Hmm!?? Really? I thought kids just need to play tennis, tennis and more tennis .. and even little bit more tennis. 🎾To keep it simple: it’s very important who do you listen through out you career. Experts or some other people !? 😉

It was a honor to play some good doubles at the amazing Longwood tennis club and give a small support for a @tenacityboston . Big thanks for my friend @sto_boosie for the invite! Also thanks to @ericbutorac my old friend that again gave me a lesson in how to play doubles 🙂 Amazing guys!

“When you really love the sport” 😍👌🏼💪🏼🙌🏻 @hardballtennis
P.s. this boot is pretty “functional” .. 😂

Good friend @mbejian is almost there! He did make couple good ones but we didn’t record.. @stef_bojic u čemu je fora da ide preko mreže ?? 🤔😋🙋🏻‍♂️

Nadal’s backhand in the ground and forehand into the fence!! Hmm?? 🤔 Should we make fun of our players when they do this !? Thanks to @toptennistraining for recording this video!

Sharing some of our “secrets” on how we practice trunk stability / postural stabilization.. 🧐 Knowing how to progress, regress, position yourself, breathe, focus, make it sports specific sometimes, and etc .. are just some of the things that we like to pay attention on and learn about! 🤓 @mesamei7

First 3 videos are random 3 top 50 ATP players. Thing that we are trying to cover by this post is “footwork” (repositioning step) that takes place after wider backhand shots. As you can see there is no “pivoting” it’s quick “repositioning” after they finish follow through. 🎾Anyone wants to try and answer WHY they do it ? 🤔😂
P.s. fourth video is one of our young students, doing this for the very first time and he is pretty good in trying it! 🙂👌🏼💪🏼 P.p.s. He really loved it!

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