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Lisa  I'm a stay at home mom of 3 amazing kids. This is my journey to finding a healthy, fit lifestyle and helping others do the same.


Seriously, the squirrels at the zoo have no fear. 🐿A squirrel jumps into the bottom of our stroller, gets into our zipped up lunch bag, and runs off with one of our sandwiches. I managed to get this much back. Punk squirrel. πŸ˜›

Went to the zoo all day today, so planned ahead and made lunches for all of us. Here's my cloud bread☁🍞 in action for my turkey sandwich. Worked great!

Getting it done! Man 5am is early, lol. But you do what you gotta do. .
Come join us in our group and get the motivation and accountability you need to get it done too. Don't worry, 5am isn't a requirement. πŸ˜‰

Trying out cloud bread today. ☁🍞 Anyone else tried this? What did you think?

I don't want to toot my own horn, but I think that was the best cauliflower mash I've made so far! Yum! And grilled flank steak too. πŸ„πŸ˜

Its so great having a gym and personal trainer right in our own home. We'd never see Nick if he had to try and drive to a gym before or after work. Bring able to instantly stream 600+ workouts straight to our TV is priceless! .
Looking for a new workout? Don't make it extra hard. You don't need to travel and kill yourself in the gym for hours. 30 minutes in your own home and you can have great results. Ask me how to get started!

It's been too long, so we busted out the spiralizer tonight and made pesto zoodles with chicken and sweet potatoes!! And kid approved!! Kids can eat healthy too!

It's been a while since I've shared my original transformation photos. These are 3 months apart. .
There is definitely a physical transformation here, but what you don't see is the internal one. I have lower cholesterol, more energy, more confidence, more belief in myself, a more involved mom, a leader, and so much more. I never realized how many ways my life would change for the better when I said "yes" to starting this health journey. .
When will you say "Yes"?

Day 2 workout done! And day 2 of the 5am alarm. Although I apparently snoozed ⏰2 times without knowing it...oops. 😁Love being able to do this together though, so it's worth it.πŸ’‘ Lunches were packed last night, so we're prepared to be on point with our nutrition today as well. 🍎
Looking for some motivation and accoutability? Come join us in our group! Message me for details.

Always trying to be like his big sisters. ❀

Nutrition is by far my biggest struggle when it comes to being healthy. And when I don't have a plan it's even worse. I've really been trying to work on meal prepping. Up til now I considered it a success if I could even just write down what we would be eating so I had a plan. .
I've been inspired though by tree proteome in my challenge groups and yesterday I cooked up a bunch of chicken to use for the week and even packed lunches for me and my hubby! I know its not a weeks worth of meals already made.... baby steps. At least I know today I wont fail because I planned ahead. You know what they say: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. .
What are your favorite meal prep strategies?

Day 1 of making the shift! So excited for these next 3 weeks in my challenge group. Workout done this morning, now to stay on point with my nutrition- my biggest struggle. Come join us!

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