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Full Strength  Strength & Speed Training for Athletes from youth to pros. Located in Minnetonka MN. Contact Jayme Pantekoek for details! Jayme@fullstrengthmn.com

Ever wonder why we do sport specific speed training after a lift?
It’s because of a phenomenon is called Postactivation Potentiation.
Directly after a strength lift there is an acute change in contractile proteins and motor neuron activity that helps induce greater explosive power performance. By following heavy loading with a sort specific speed movements the rate of force development or the ability to generate force in a rapid manner drastically increases speed development.

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The Bohr Effect:

If you’re trying to gain an advantage in your body’s ability to deliver oxygen you have to look at 2 molecules. The first being carbon dioxide (CO2). The presence of CO2 IS what makes hemoglobin release oxygen to the area of the working muscle. Decreasing levels of CO2 makes the bond between hemoglobin and Oxygen tighter and does not release. **This means there is such a thing as OVER-BREATHING, just like there is over eating** In addition an increase of CO2 means an increase of nitric oxide (NO) the second molecule, which opens airways, smooth muscle, and arteries allowing for faster blood flow and transport of Oxygen. To do this you don’t need an expensive apparatus or a mask to gain these effects which are that of altitude training. You only need your NOSE! To find out more about how to train this and bring the mountains to you call Jayme 612-839-8039

Lactic Trapping- Over the last few years the status of lactic has changed from enemy to energy of the muscles. Especially during high intensity exercises lactate is used as an immediate energy source, to spare energy reserves, it replenishes muscle glycogen, as well as signals adaptations to increase glycogen capacity. New data suggests that it does even more including working as a signaling molecule for cell adaptation for cells of the heart, brain, kidneys, fat and muscle tissue. When we trap lactate in the manner shown (by not moving and creating breaks in the joints) we increase the time exposed to the cells, increasing the adaptation rate. This is an extremely efficient way to train this system without expending as much energy.

Once is chance, Twice is coincidence, Third time is a pattern. The girls nailed it!

The boys are starting to look really explosive! Even after Supra-Max Isometrics @shane_gersich9 pulled off a huge vertical jump!

NHL or NBA? @zbogosian47 has some thrusters!

YOUR BRAIN DOESN'T CONTAIN MEMORIES. IT IS MEMORIES. -- you remember the smells, the colors, the funny thing some other person said, and the way it all made you feel. -Nick Stockton

Finished up a big Glycolytic Capacity phase. Training this fuel system enhances athletes ability to replicate and repeat power both on and off ice. These systems make up some of the most important qualities of an elite hockey player.

Had some requests for this recipe--Coconut chia protein pudding:
•1 Can (12oz) Coconut Milk •1/2 Cup Chia Seeds •Desired amount of protein (Roughly 30g) vanilla or chocolate •Stir vigorously in a jar and put in fridge for at least 4 hours. •Top with nuts, fruit, honey, coco powder or any other zest you like #fullstrengthsnack

Oscillatory exercises decrease the amount of time spent between deceleration and acceleration called the amortization phase. Research has shown that having a fast amortization phase is one of the most important components to having a big vertical jump and overall speed.

We need a name for this game! Anyone??? Thanks for laying the rules @johnschuldt 🏐🔴 squa-llyball?! 😝

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