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“A couple of years ago, I started volunteering at a shelter, taking the dogs for walks, sitting in their kennels, snuggling them, loving them. It opened my eyes to a problem that so many people choose to ignore, one designer goldendoodle at a time. There were many nights I called my mom crying as I drove home; I was shocked by how many amazing dogs were in need. So I started posting about my experience, and I got a lot of positive feedback from people. I quickly realized that posting these types of things could maybe make even a small bit of difference. I urge you to post, too, and don’t be afraid to be loud. If you love animals and want to help, even a simple Facebook status or regram of a pet in need can change a mind or save a life. In our vast world of social media networking, you never know who is going to see it. I promise you: your teeny, tiny voice can make a difference, even if it’s for just one animal. It matters to them.” - Tessa

Groovy. ✨ 📷: @thelincolnLA

What’s the one song you never get sick of? 📷: @_pipedpiper

People aren't born with hate in their heart. It's fostered through a culture and community -- one that still exists in the shadow of America. Growing up in that shadow can make it seem like hating others is the only option. What happened in Charlottesville over the weekend was tragic. It's clear that this is part of a larger, more systemic issue. Let's not forget that. And even when it seems hard and as we see horrible actions taking place, let's choose love over fear. Love is stronger. 📷: @claggie

Sometimes the best noise of all is the white noise we hear when we can tune it all out. 📷: @lilly_arts

Sally is an IRL scientist, and tbh, that makes her an IRL badass. 📷: @sallylepage

Sometimes your first love isn’t your best love. Chris talks breaking up with someone he thought was “the one” and how one simple fact got him through it. Swipe through ➡️ to read more.


THUMBPRINT 009: “Meeting your s/o at a concert is an awesome thing, but meeting your s/o while he opens for your tour is truly fucking badass.
I was DJ’ing for a burlesque tour and we found ourselves in NYC on Halloween night. Upon meeting the opening band, I immediately became an idiot, and started flirting with the drummer hardcore. Since you can’t really be on stage at the same time as getting to know someone, we barely had time to talk the first night we met. Luckily, he was brave enough to ask me out, and when I got put on tour for another week, we actually got to go on a real date! We wouldn’t trade our meeting story for the world!” - Alexis

Now we’re craving ice cream. What’s your favorite sweet treat? 📷: @ttlyteala

Sometimes a song goes deep.

Today’s inspo, just keep smiling. 📷: @kingsleyyy

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