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Giulia Pandozzi  XXIV

Autrefois, quand la terre était solide, je dansais, j’avais confiance.
A présent, comment serait-ce possible ? On détache un grain de sable, et toute la plage s’effondre, tu sais bien.

"Gangbang" notturna in luogo sacro.

Wabi Sabi

Swiping from the beginning: sculpture of a ( *n incredibly beautiful) Dacian, a detail of the central soffit coffers of the Arch of Titus, and a little close up of the Arch of Septimius Severus.



How to prepare your last English exam: watch one of your fav movies.
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La mia risposta (notturna) ai primi culi estivi

Today, an old friend of mine told me that I usually smile when I'm sad. I don't smile a lot, that's true, but I realized that I do feel (and look) sadder. For me, a full smile is just a reminder that something's not working very well.
It's my personal ritual to remember that I'm not suffering too much, and that, one day, I won't be that sad anymore, because I will finally share my burden and be happy.

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