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Best car in the game?💛❤️ Comment your favorite car in GTA⬇️ Credit: Danirep YT

Double Tap to win the lottery😱💵 Add: gizstar3 on PS4

Beautiful Race❤️ DM me if you want to join a GTA PS4 group! Credit: Danirep YT

This race is so cool! COMMENT GREEN EMOJIS: 🤢👒🐸🐛🐍🐢🦎🌳🌿🌱🌵🎄🐲☘️🍀🍏🍐🥒🥝 Credit: Danirep YT

DOUBLE TAP FOR GOOD LUCK!💛 (I just figured out the GTA 6 release date! Whoever comments the right month and year will get their comment liked and they will know when it comes out!😮)

Aye this is awesome🤙 Make sure you guys follow @fullgta (me) for more videos like this! Sorry for the weird song! Instagram is copyrighting all music now.😓 Credit: Danirep YT

Would you play this? (Follow @eliandelijah!) Credit: Danirep YT

Double Tap To Complete💜❤️Actually hard challenge: Try to comment: "BEACH" letter by letter in the comments⬇️

This race looks awesome🔥 Tag a friend that you would hit with a car⬇️😂 Credit: Danirep YT Song: BVNDGXD by CHXPO

This is such a cool edit👏 Do you play on PS4 or Xbox One? Tell me in the comments⬇️

Double Tap❤️ to complete these characters! This is really hard: Try to comment "GUN" letter by letter in the comments⬇️

Who wants this?😱 (@thefullfamily is doing a little follow back spree right now) Credit: Jupit YT

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