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Fullee Love  Debut LP ‘Free, White & 21’ is out now👇🏿

On the day of love, I gotta show u where I am and who I’m thinking of ! . Love me or leave me alone, Readipop Festival.. Come see about me 💋💋👊🏾

Love don’t cost a thang.. When u Fullee imbrace it 💋

I can’t tell ya’ll how good it feels to not have to depend on others, to not hate on a nigga, but just be great on a nigga, ITS A LOVE THANG ❤️.. Now Hip Hop won’t be completely taking a back seat, I’m jus in a brand new vehicle/ so 4 the foreseeable/ future.. this is how ima salute cha ! Fullee Love Collective, see u in da UK 💋

One thing you’ll never hear me say “I can beat anyone’s ass” styles make fights and my right hand is to low to not catch a proper counter shot. So it’s strictly fashion on dis lol. Peep the slim fit pants that’s been turned to shorts, the socks and last by not least.. DA JHERI CURL !! I may not beat cha but ima damn sure outfit cha lol. The 70’s 👊🏾🥊🤕

Funk ain’t nuttin but a 4 letter word, that’s often smelled🦶🏾but seldom heard 👂🏾.. Until now.. Fullee Love Collective !! 🔥😎🤩

Win u kno uz fine, but gotta act like...”IT AINT NO BIG DEAL” ! (claude hav mercy) did da check clear ?? lol. Da grey in da beard tho 🔥💩

I got a ❤️ of soul & da suit 2 match !! In Reading England, showing up and showing out ! I’m about to be up and atom 🚀

In Bath Somerset England ! Ur catching me in Clark Kent mode, right before i turn into the “supaman lova yeaaa”. I’m tryna tell ya’ll things bout to change !

Just me and my two older brothers.. The Henderson’s men !

I looove da ladies and da ladies looove me.. Well sort of, @vogue_poet makes that hard to believe 🤨

Braving the elements in dis post apocalyptic music game.. Trying to survive this like a 🐷 at a black bbq (u can dance if u want 2) all the critics LOVE you !!

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