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Gypsy peppers are known for their terrific flavor. It is said that the Gypsy pepper is so named because of its changing color from yellow to orange, which may refer to colorful gypsy clothing. They are traditionally used for frying, but what is your favorite way to prepare them? #gypsypeppers

“This is the time of the year when everyone on the farm switches from Clark Kent to Superman and Diana Prince to Wonder Woman. We all begin to go into superhero status when it comes to the amount of work possible.” Read more of our Supermen & Wonder Women Farm News by clicking the link in our blog. #potatopatch #bloomin #superheros #farmnews

A quick and simple mint syrup adds refreshing coolness to this cocktail, and slices of grapefruit leaves you with something to snack on before the second round. This recipe is just what you need to inject some zing into your next backyard gathering. Cheers to Ruby Red grapefruit mojitos! Find the recipe by clicking the link in our profile!
#refreshing #rubyred #farmtotable

Making it rain on our beets today. #fullcirclefarms #makeitrain #farmshares

This Blueberry-Pomegranate Yogurt organic yogurt from @strausmilk has a delicate flavor balance between sweet and tart fruits. No thickeners or additives are used, yet the consistency is so smooth it pours beautifully out of the container. Add it today when you Customize your order!

Lightly grilled peppers, summer squash and crusty French bread mixed together with fresh, juicy heirloom tomatoes, fresh garlic, herbs and a light dressing makes this simple summer dinner the perfect meal on a warm evening. Find this Grilled Summer Salad recipe by clicking the link in our profile.

Lovely farm flowers just blooming like crazy even in our high heat. #farmflowers #smokeyskies #farmshares #beesofinstagram

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg - Hard-boiled eggs can be tricky. If you cook them too long, the yolk turns green. If you don’t cook your eggs long enough, then you get a soft-boiled egg. Our technique results in a perfect hard-boiled egg, every time! Check it out by clicking the link in our profile. #haveaneggcellentday

These traditional Italian Ricotta-Potato Gnocchi dumplings from #LaPastaSeattle are made with old-world care in small batches. A delicious, quick side dish or main course. These fluffy pillows are ready for you to top with your favorite sauce in just 2 minutes! Add to your next delivery when you Customize.

Snow Leopard Melon Pops
Spectacular and exotic, organic snow leopard melons are delicious and beautiful. Smooth-skinned with an alabaster rind that’s speckled with flecks of jade, the flesh is icy-white and faintly reminiscent of honeydew but with slightly firmer texture. And while these wonderful seasonal melons are perfect on their own, this fascinating and simple recipe for snow leopard melon pops will excite your tastebuds and cool you off on a hot summer day. Click the link in our profile for this refreshing recipe.

It’s time to customize your delivery - and we’ve got so many tasty treats you can add! Shishito peppers, artisan bagels from Seattle Bagel Bakery, fresh blueberries, creamy cheeses from Mt. Townsend Creamery, flat leaf parsley, Pachamama coffees, sweet Bartlet pears, Pasture-raised eggs, snow leopard melons and more! Log in today to add items to your next delivery.

#repost from @ashleygotschall No filter. No edits. Plain + simple. Just like this salad. And yes, perhaps also a lot like me...🙈😜 Baked chicken seasoned w/sea salt, 🥑-oil, and lemon pepper + arugula and fresh basil mixed together + cherry tomatoes + cucumber + orange bell pepper
#basic isn't a bad thing. 😜

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