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Michael Fugoso  San Diego Based Designer & Illustrator. Lifestyle -> @fugs_story


Swipe through and check out all the pieces of this project! I’m moving on to the next... for all those requests to do more skeuomorphic stuff like this you def have a lot more to look forward to 👊

Part 3! I’ve had a ton of requests to come back to the skeuomorphic stuff... happy to do so!

Part 2 of this VW bug series! I did this project for this super cool vector illustrator class I teach. The purpose of this series is to demonstrate versatility in styles, and also how to create high-execution designs w/minimal tools. Also a goal of mine in 2018 is to fill a MASSSIVE wall full of badge designs! For those of you that have been following me before the digital paper stuff, you prob know what’s coming next 👊

Finally back at it! 95% done in Illustrator (outside of noise and coloring), and 100% infinitely scalable! With all the digital paper stuff I’ve been doing lately I have been getting a lot of requests to go back to skeuomorphic design. I’m also teaching vector skeuomorphism in my class so I figure I’d #tbt to this style. I admit I was a bit rusty at it, so naturally I’ve chosen a super detailed subject like this one to get out of that funk! I’ll be doing a lot more to this bug, and bringing back other things that I have typically done in the past as well. Swipe through the slides to check out my process! ———————————————————————— I forgot to mention the name of the bug is AXEL HERBS, named after the great @axelherbes1

Happy to announce that this project for the @sandiegoairport is finally complete and live! If you all didn’t know it was my friend/business partner, the amazing @austinfaure that brought all of my illustrations to life in animation. Huge credit to @elleb and Jason for creative vision and script writing, and @jonegraves for direction as well as providing that super smooth voice over! I was happy to be a part of this massive project and apply this illustrative style. Momentum is on my side and believe me there are a ton more awesome things to come. Happy Holidays!

Check out that snow globe collection! Swipe through the slideshow to see them all 👊 man that was one massive project for the @sandiegoairport ... my part is done #wip . It’s now up to @austinfaure to bring these illustrations to life in an amazing animated short, and I’ll definitely be posting that here! As awesome as this project was I’m ready for the next big thing... luckily the next big thing’s already line up 👊Stay tuned homies! Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving as well!

The last city illustration for this project, highlighting @sandiegoairport ’s nonstop flight to Mexico City. #wip Dang this was a huge project to take on... and it’s not done yet! The amazing @austinfaure will be bringing all these illustrations to life in an animated short, narrated by the airport’s own @jonegraves, with the creative vision and script writing of @elleb . Stay tuned as I’ll be posting the vid here in the near future! Swipe through the shots to see the illustration’s beginnings. I threw in the process shots for Frankfurt as well

This is one amazing project! Super taxing on my computer too! This one represents @sandiegoairport ‘s nonstop flight to Frankfurt, Germany. One more city to go... I’ll be honest as much as I love his project I’m ready for it to be over lol. If you all don’t know my business partner/awesome friend @austinfaure will be making a super cool animated short with these illustrations 👊 #wip

This project for the San Diego International Airport is insane! #wip at the final stretch, here is the piece highlighting the airport’s non-stop flight to Tokyo. I’m back from the Spain vacation... you know what it’s hard to get back into the swing of things, but as John Wick would say, “Yeah... I’m thinking I’m back.” A ton more awesome designs on the way, and I’ve also been quiet about something I’ve been working on for quite some time. You’ll all see in due time!

#wip Quick process shot for this awesome project for the San Diego Airport! I'm on vacation but I wanted to give you guys something for the week. Tokyo coming up soon and it's going to be awesome

Hellllloooo #london ! A huge chunk of my followers are actually from London and I can't thank you guys enough! I know this piece is a bit touristy... It's a project for the SD Airport highlighting the destination 👊Tokyo next!

I ❤️San Diego! #wip this project is a lot of work! Then again all projects I take on are a lot of work. 6 more of these to go! In the end you'll get an awesome animated short from the amazing @austinfaure

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