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Yeeeeya my badge wall is growing bigger! I’d love to make a poster of 100 of these someday. Also I know I have been a little lacking on the skeuomorphic illos lately... my projects these days have been more about branding, but stay tuned homies there’s a big one coming!

I’m really excited to unveil this illustration for another awesome project with @gumguminc @bryanbartlett . This is one the most robust illustrations I’ve done so far limiting myself to simple shapes and no more than 4 colors... It’s like, painting a picture with Legos. I’m super psyched how it turned out! Pulled a little inspiration from fighter jet cockpits, @spacex , and Thor Ragnarok. It has been a while Homies! I get super swamped every now and then but rest assured I’ll always be putting the effort to grow the ‘Gram!

Check this #wip ! It has been a while Homies! As I’m running through client work, I realized that I need to make the badge collection/ badge wall bigger! If you’ve been following me for a while you probably already know that the next post has to do with skeuomorphic version of this 🤪 Debating on whether or not to make pins...

Ahh I missed #tbt so we’re doing a #flashbackfriday this week! Here is the #vector process of one of my favorite Illos last year: John Wick’s ‘69 Mustang. Swipe through for close ups (that’s Mr. Wick’s actual license plate), vector outlines,and inspiration images. Stay tuned guys! Next project will be a huge one

#tbt on one of the most massive vector skeuomorphic pieces I did last year. This was probably the only project that made my laptop struggle... I needed a separate file for the head, arms, body, and legs. Crazy, crazy stuff. What did I get out of it? An illustration of Optimus prime that can be scaled up to the size of a skyscraper! Swipe through the slides for vector process. Again, my sketches are not very thorough lol. My next illo will be another skeuomorphic piece with similar amount of detail 😬 You have that, and more @SpaceX stuff to look forward to here as well!

The Amazing @austinfaure is at it again bringing my illos to life! There is definitely a lot of problem solving in illustrating a piece like this, but working with a dedicated animator you realize it’s a whole ‘nother world of problem solving in animation 👊 I’m definitely working with a brilliant one @austinfaure

Just a quick process shot for this week’s illo! Everytime I do these digital paper illustrations, it always starts with a flat composition in Adobe Illustrator that can stand alone as its own piece, and then textures in photoshop afterwards. Some people say that these arguably look better flat, and they’re not wrong! Swipe though for my original sketch as well... I’m very rough with my sketches, once I understand how to execute I dive straight into illustrator. I’m not a big thumbnail kind of person 👊

Illo of the week! I’ve always wanted to make this piece. I really enjoy creating the depth in this style. Tons more to come homies!

Process for this awesome @spacex project. I always start these paper illos with a flat version that can pretty much stand alone as its own piece. It arguably does look better when it’s flat, but the paper rendering adds that depth and wow factor. If you swipe through the slides you can see that my sketch process is very basic as well. Once I get the general idea on how to create the shapes in Illustrator, I dive straight to the program. Swipe to the end for inspiration images

PROJECT: #spacex | It has been a while homies! Just to let you know If it takes me a while to post, something big’s coming! This is the biggest paper illustration I’ve done to date (computer was struggling at the end), and who better to do it for than the amazing @spacex . A little late to the party but nonetheless these timeless historical events are always worth reliving. The first in the SpaceX series, stay tuned for more 👊 - Also dedicated to the man @lifeprojectmark

#tbt Another throwback this week and diving into some vector process of my skeuomorphic icon style. I have some big things coming next week including an unveiling of a new awesome project, stay tuned homies!

The Skeuomorphic Planet Express, created in Adobe Illustrator and infinitely scalable. I meant to post this #throwback on Thursday... I just had the flu all week so I’m a little behind schedule, although I wanted to provide content for the week. Plenty of upgrades were added to this, like various shines, shading, and the landing gear. Check out the badge design I did for this last year!

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