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PREORDER today! The explore pin finally dropped and it looks amazing! Hard Enamel, shiny gold metal lining, 1.25'' tall and about .55'' wide. It's the perfect size for a hat... and better yet a FUGS hat which will be available soon! Really it's the perfect size to solve about 95% of your pin needs. Still waiting on the awesome card backer prints to come, but it's available today for pre-order! Link in bio, get yours today I only made 100 of these!

Skeuomorphic montage of my 2017 badge designs! The goal is to get this wall 3 times as big by the end of the year. Be sure to check about 3 posts back, I did this same design with the minimal treatment. I've been doing more and more projects to build the FUGS brand, be on the lookout for some big new things this week!

Space Racin'! Super super psyched for this! I've been working on this concept for an indie racing game set in the future. What makes this racing game unique? There are no tracks... it's basically like an air/spacecraft drag race that's all about speed! I'd love to explain more on how it works but I figured it would be best to just show youπŸ‘Š I'll be teaming up with the amazing @austinfaure to create a demo animation video, and the awesome @urbanyetimusic to create custom music tracks. Had a blast executing more of geometric/5 color scheme approach for this. I will discuss more about the art direction in a future post! Also, skeuomorphic version will most likely be coming πŸ‘Š

Wait for it! The Amazing @austinfaure does it again! If you didn't know Austin's my partner in crime when it comes to the design and the business side of things. Our typical collaboration starts off with me illustrating, and him bringing these vector illustrations to life using vfx tools like @adobe After Effects. You'll be seeing plenty more collaborations to come, as well as us sharing our process via YouTube and Skillshare! Hard enamel pin of this design is also on the way!

#tbt montage! A little more than half of 2017 has gone by and so far it has been an amazing year for sharing work. New life goal: Make every year amazing... I guess I'll be sharing my work and building the FUGS brand for the rest of my life πŸ‘Š

Finally got around to finishing this! Part 2 of an explorers series I'm doing, primarily done in #adobeillustrator . One more to go! First one was outer space, this one is deep sea... can you guess what the 3rd will be? Some of you might remember a jelly fish that I 'skeuomorphed' last week. Turns out it didn't work too well for this particular composition, but I'll definitely be utilizing it down the road for a variation!

Woo! Hopefully today's quick #tbt woos you! Sometimes I turn fun projects into serious ones and serious projects into fun ones. It's an endless loop! Instead of 'woo woo' I originally had 'waka waka' for the type... I realized soon enough that it's pacman that made that sound, while these ghosts had more or a woo-ish siren

I am extremely #honored to be featured in this awesome artbook with these other amazing vector artists! Definitely a bucketlist type thing and 2 years ago I probably wouldn't have expected this to happen! It just goes to show that if you work hard at the right things, share your work, and surround yourself with people that support and elevate you you will reach great heights in no time. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to my fam and bes frens (you all got mentioned in the book!), and a huge thank you to all of my followers for getting me this far. It's always just the beginning and you better believe that I have an endless amount of awesome things to come!
Obviously a huge thank you to @crookspress_au for putting this awesome book together! If any of you want to purchase one (extremely worth it with great inspiration) you can order from their website (which is currently on sale) and I believe you can purchase a copy on Amazon!

So awesome! ...and soothing to watch. @austinfaure is at it again and did a brilliant job bringing this badge to life in animation! Can't wait to expand on this series πŸ‘Š

#wip update! I changed things up a little on this badge design and I'm liking it 10 times more. I wish I could have gotten you all a full on skeuomorphic version this week but it has been an ultra busy week! Swipe to the next image to see the skeuomorphic progress πŸ‘Š

Happy #fanartfriday everyone! Phew this project was definitely a hefty one on the detail! So much that my computer isn't powerful enough to handle all the rendered Adobe Illustrator effects... powered through it though! 100% created in Adobe Illustrator (other than the noise/grain).
----------------------------- Also happy to announce that an 8x10 print of this is available on my online store! I'm working on a flow where every new piece I post will be available immediately on my store for $10 / limited time. Plenty, plenty more to come! LINK IN BIO!

More than meets the eye with this! Yeeowza this is one beast of a project, but any awesome subject from my childhood gets me pumped! 100% created in @adobe Illustrator (other than the grain/noise), and fully scalable! I'm thinking this looks finished but I'm still calling it a #wip because I haven't finished optimus' legs yet.. this composition was a bit strategic lol. I also would like to announce that prints will be available soon! Also a new 8x10 print item at $10! I'm super excited to 'roll out' that update! Optimus will be the first print available once it's 'done' 😬. ---------------
Animation on this by @austinfaure w/custom music from @urbanyetimusic coming soon!!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

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