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Remembering Fudge🐴❤️  An account to remember Fudge🐴❤️ Fudge 2008-2017❤️ Jamie & Fudge 5.11.15-8.2.17❤️ #flyhighfudge #babysheilbobbydancer

Swipe left to see what I’ve been working on over the last few days, it’s not the best🤷🏼‍♀️ had to post it in 4 different parts so some clips may appear twice, the song may miss a few words and just things like that!

This is the most unique edit I’ve seen on Instagram! I had to repost this😍

You gave me a forever within the numbered days and I am grateful💕 I haven’t posted for a while but I felt like I had to post this! I was just scrolling through Instagram when I came across Jamie’s post about seeing Blue today, hoping everything would go well for her! I looked out of the window to see a robin on the fence, luckily I already had my camera out so I quickly took a photo - swipe left to see it! Fudge truly is looking over you Jamie🐴❤️ #flyhighfudge #babysheilbobbydancer

Yesterday marked 1 year since Fudge sadly passed😔💔 Fly High Fudge🐴❤️ #flyhighfudge #babysheilbobbydancer

Happy New Year🎉 wishing Jamie the best of luck with finding Mo the best new home as well as finding a new horse🐴❤️

Through their eyes, love is infinite❤️ #flyhighfudge #babysheilbobbydancer

Congratulations on reaching 10k❤️#flyhighfudge #babysheilbobbydancer

No longer by my side but forever in my heart🐴❤️ #flyhighfudge #babysheilbobbydancer

An edit I made of Jamie and Fudge a few nights ago❤️ I did post this then realised I'd posted the wrong one as there were a few bits that were in colour and shouldn't of been! #flyhighfudge #babysheilbobbydancer


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