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Austin Dingman  22. Stoned. Scumbag Punk. Heart taken by @rebmarey Sandy Crack NY

Someone buy my this pin now

I'll love who I want.

@theflatliners never cease to amaze me. 🖤🖤🖤

"The sound of ice in a bottomless glass
Tells me that all is fine"
#wecheersanotherday #riptonysly #capo4thfret

"We used to want to take the back roads But now we found a distance shorter
You used to call me darling
Now you prefer more formal
We used to get high and stare at the moon
And wonder how long it would take to walk to
But now that's like the distance between me and you"

On repeat aaaaall day😊 @themenzingers

"Is it disappointment or mild annoyance?
a sense of contentment or fucking resentment?
move your feet to this dead end beat
slouch our way into an early grave
get out of bed, get fucking dressed
and think of better ways to keep busy
clap your hands do the dead man shuffle
killing ourselves for a living wage
get out of bed
get fucking dressed
and get busy"🖤

Yeaaaaah BITCH!
Loving life right now #cantstopme #doinwork #shunthenonbeliever