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Austin Dingman  22. Stoned. Scumbag Punk. Sandy Crack NY

Bullshit Bullshit is all we talk on this planet we call earth
Since I'm tired of that I'll take a further step
I think I'll find my way in space
Vulcan eyebrows, vulcan ears
That's what I dream of
No more sorrow, no more tears
Can't you get me beamed up?
Vulcan logic, vulcan needs
Quite bizarre but still a dream
As I'm waiting for that beam

I'd go absolutely nuts without my daily mixes.
Today's favorites so far.

PREAAACH @tobymorse

Waking up, zeroed in on medicine
Am I waking up at all today?
Seeing lights, feeling pain
There's my cure on ice
I can walk but I will crawl there
I will crawl there

But now that I'm awake
I'd rather take a drink and walk down to the lake
And beg that sky for lightning bolts
I can't waste my time without wasting all your time

Song of the day. I'll never get sick of this band. I'd kill to see them again. @theflatliners #theflatliners

Greet the world with a poker face
Through empty bottles in a haze
They won't suspect a thing now will they?
Itemize your life in a panicked state so you can sleep at night and dream about never turning old and grey.
Catching my breath now seems as useless as airplane conversations
Cause I enjoy toiling in all of my frustrations

To start my morning off 🖤

Schmood since everybody in this country wants to fucking suck.

5 years ago today. RIP Tony Sly 🖤 #onemoresong

My little biker brother 😈

Keeping myself positive by remembering that tomorrow I'll be watching these dudes play in Buffalo. Can't wait. 🖤

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