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I guess I felt kinda pretty...


It's been a great couple of daysπŸ’œ

Some pictures from today!!πŸ’•


Sometimes I wonder if the fights will tear us apart or the mini arguments will put distance between us, but then I realized, a relationship without fighting or without arguments mean that there is no caring for the other, that there is a bunch of secrets and problems that aren't getting talked about. Not one relationship is perfect, they all have their ups and downs. And even during the fighting I can't help but look at him and not be mad anymore. In the end I know we will work it out. In the end I know I'll still have him and his love. I am not perfect and I know he is not either. We are not perfect. But he is perfect for me. I don't want anyone else because nobody is him. We both have our differences and enjoy different things and that's what brings the adventure and enjoyment in our lives. If we were so similar we would constantly be at each other's necks.
Joshua Logan Neiswonger is mine. And will be till the end. He has become a huge part of my life and has brought happiness to me, brining me out of my dark past I am finally enjoying life again. I love him and I tell him everyday. He knows I do and I know he does. I have never had anyone so pure and precious to me and everytime I hear his name, see it or him I get so excited.
I love you~~❀


Detroit with this lovely ❀

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