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FTISLAND  I love FTIsland ^o^ i post new & old pics of them & also updates on what they're up to♥I follow back kpop related ig~Ig sister @xkpopworldx ♥

FTISLAND Holds Surprise Halloween Show at Japan ZEPP Tour
November 1, 2013 10:35 AM EDT | 1 EMAIL PRINT
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FTISLAND Holds Surprise Halloween Show at Japan ZEPP Tour
FTISLAND showcased a surprise Halloween show during their Japan ZEPP tour.

On October 28, FTISLAND held a concert in Nagoya and surprised their fans with a Halloween show. The members dressed up in costumes and had their fans surprised.

This year is also FTISLAND's 6th year since debut and they wanted to reminisce on their past and how far they have come.

They performed songs from their 6 years as a group and had a great time with their fans.

They had performed at ZEPP back when they were an indie group and were excited to be back performing on the stage again.

The group performed a total of 19 songs at the concert and melted fans hearts.

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Becomes the First OST Singer for ′the heirs'
With the drama prepares for its premiere, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi will be the first singer to grace the OST of SBS’ The Heirs.
On October 8, FNC Entertainment stated that Lee Hong Gi will be singing the main title song, This Meaning (tentative English title) for The Heirs, which begins on October 9.
With his refreshing and powerful voice, Lee Hong Gi will sing a sweet confession with lyrics that say, “I only see you, I love you.” With exciting rhythm and guitar sounds, the medium tempo song with Lee Hong Gi’s voice mixed in will add to the drama.
The Heirs, a story about high school students in high society, has been gathering much anticipation with its star-studded cast, and now the OST as well.
The drama will begin on October 9. Lee Hong Gi’s song will also be released on this day.

sempterber 27, FTISLAND performed their new song, "Falling Star" and "Memory" and showed off their true rock band image.

They were able to show different sides of rock through both these songs. "Falling Star" was written by member Lee Jae Jin and "Memory" was written by Lee Hong Ki and is part of their 'THANKS TO' album.

F.T. Island have more to be thankful for as their 6th anniversary mini album 'THANKS TO', set for release in Korea on the 23rd, ranked #1 on Japanese pre-order charts!

On the 13th, 'THANKS TO' climbed to #1 on HMV's daily album pre-order chart as well as the the Korean-Asian album chart, evidencing F.T. Island's popularity in Japan.
Fans have a lot to look forward to in this album as the members took part in composing each song! Out of the four songs, one is composed by leader Jonghun, one by Jaejin, and two are by Hongki, who composed the title track "Memory". The album will be released ahead of the group's solo concert 'FTHX' on the 28th through the 29th.

In addition to the teaser image and the video clip we've already been teased with, you can look forward to a live teaser coming up on the 16th, leading up to the final reveal of their music video on the 23rd!

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki 'We Got Married-World Edition' DVD Ranks High on Japan Charts
September 3, 2013 10:05 AM EDT | EMAIL PRINT
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FTISLAND, Lee Hong Ki, We Got Married, DVD, Japan

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki 'We Got Married-World Edition' DVD Ranks High on Japan Charts
FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki, who appeared on "We Got Married" World Edition has been showing great popularity on the Japan charts.

Tower Records revealed that the "We Got Married-World Ediiton' DVD has ranked number 1,2 and 3 on the reservation chart.

The 15 episode show has been split into 3 DVD's with 5 episodes in each one and will be released on December 4 with original sound and Japan subtitles.

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Lee Hong Ki and partner Fujii Mina show that romance can overcome language in their episodes and have gained much attention in both Korea and Japan.

On the other hand, FTISLAND will be releasing an album on September 23 to celebrate their 6 year anniversary since debut.

FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki held successful Japan promotions for his movie, "Passionate Goodbye," in which he played the lead role in.

On August 26, He attended the movie promotion event in Japan with the rest of the cast and performed 4 of the songs that was part of the movie OST.

They also revealed surprise video messages from the other members of the group and surprised Lee Hong Ki.

On the other hand, FTISLAND will be attended the '2013 Incheon Music Festival' on September 1.

PRIMADONNAS! Do you really know our boys that well? 1. FT Island stands for FIVE TREASURE ISLAND 2. FT Island is a 5 member group, that debuted in 2007 with their hit song "Lovesick". 3. FT Island's official fanclub name is PRIMADONNA. 4. FT Island named their fans after one of their songs called "Primadonna" which means friends forever! 5. FT Island's official color is sunshine yellow.6. The members before were Lee Hongki, Choi Minhwan, Lee Jaejin, Oh Wonbin and Choi Jonghun. 7. During the beginning of 2009, Wonbin left the group replacing Song Seunghyun as a new member. 8. FT Island has a sub group name "FT Triple". (Jaejin, Minhwan and Jonghun) 9. FT Island members can speak basic Japanese. 10. The entire group are born in the '90s. So their average age is pretty young.

FTIsland will release tbeir korean comeback on 23th of september, this album are self composed songs by the ftisland members to show their appreciation for the fans that has been supporting ftisland, this is also a special 6th anniversary album♥

a sasaeng old fan story | a sasaeng fan broke in to their dorm and took personal belongings, and than pooped infront of the emergency exit | x_x

Hyunnie fact: he was suppose to debut with cnue and shared a room with yongwha when they were trainees but aftrr the won bin problem, he debuted with ftisland, but because he replaced oh wonbin, he debuted with 2400 anti fans | ohh poor hyunnie, even tough I like oh won bin very much, I like seunghyun too :( it must have been hard on him with all those anti fans ....

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