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poot lovato  demi tell mom to unlock the basement NOW!

santa poot is coming to town..
she knows when your awake..
she knows when your asleep..
she knows if you've been good or bad!
oh u better watch out, you better not cry, you better not poot I'm telling you why. SANTA POOT IS COMING TO TOWM.
#POOTMAS #pootlovato #poot

I love making gingerbreads of myself 😝😝. πŸŽ„ on the first day of christmas what demi gave to me:
2 burning gas stoves
and a partridge in a tree.
#POOTMAS #poot #pootlovato

break the theme like. the middle boy is me when I eat a burger :-). πŸŽ„ on the first day of Christmas, demi sent to me:
a bag full of yellow pee.
#POOTMAS #poot #pootlovato

poot without a chance. after many years after demi left the show they decided to keep the show going and they casted me because I'm the twin of demi and nobody would know the difference! so go on disneychannel and watch me every tuesdays 7 pm.
#poot #pootlovato

im back bitches, ha Demi thought she could try and trap me back in the basement again huh? she locked me in her closet on thanksgiving so I missed the turkey and lovato dinner. well I'm back and I made it to the amas!
#poot #pootlovato

Pootham City is safe in my hands. There will be no more fear, for I POOTMAN WILL SAVE YALL!
#poot #pootlovato

gUys! I'm sick. hard to breathe, hard to eat, hard to drink. I need to cure myself by eating mold from my basement!
#poot #pootlovato

"ever since you locked in the basement, Mama started to love you more, everybody thought that I died. Demi you got me trapped, you got me stressed out.
But ever since I left the basement, you started calling me a fame-whore. Photoshoots and the future now tour. Hanging with Nick Jonas who I've always loved more."
#poot #pootlovato

I smiled everyday, prayed to God I would get out. And after 23 years he listened to my prayers. #believe and he will help ❀️.

it's like I'm a role model, I symbolize hope for anyone out there who feels lost or trapped (in da basement)

friends, my favorite show. too bad it was on tv when I was hidden in the basement ☹️. but I binged-watched on Netflix and its POOT-astic!

this song's lyrics were based off of me when I was in the basement.
"do you know what it's like to feel so in the dark." - me 2007
I yelled that at her through the door and I've been living in the dark coincidence? I think NOT.

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