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♡ julia ♡  Webkinz lover and photographer! 🌸💞

♧ anyone else a mars argo fan?
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soft boi n some plants ♧
so my dad and his gf have been planting so many pretty flowers in our yard and it makes me so happy! also, my dads taking me out to eat as like a father-daughter thing to spend time with each other since I'm older and we don't get to as much. #wholsome #webkinz #photography #plants #succulents #summer

Hey! I hope your summer is going great. I'm kinda turning this page into a webkinz blog other than photography. I get so stressed trying to get that "perfect photo" so since I'm going on a bunch of adventures this summer, why not make it a little blog type thing?? Anyways, I'm at a cabin in the mountains with my boyfriend's family It's gorgeous here ♡ I went to the Biltmore Estate today. If you haven't gone, its basically the largest house in America with 250 rooms! These pics were took in our cabin. Just a little spur of the moment photo shoot. If you read this far comment "☀️"

How elegant does this sig look!! ☆ #webkinzsignature #webkinz #photography

Q: What's your secret obsession?
A: Skin care stuff ◇
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BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE ARTIC HAAARRREEE #webkinz #webkinzsignature #photography

Happy Easter Fools Day!! #webkinz #webkinzsignature #photography

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