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Pretty much the best fruit available in Europe this time of year. The whole week it's been cherimoyas until dinner and I can't complain - Don't forget to sign up for the 2 hour long iridology online class. Learn what your eyes tell you about your health. If you can't make it, you can watch it on your own time as we will record and it send it to anyone who signs up after the class is over. For more info click link in bio. It's only $20 by the way!

*heavy breathing*

I am in the process of setting up a Patreon account. Patreon is somewhat like crowdfunding. You pledge a low sum of money a month and in return you get rewards. Instead of releasing a recipe book, I want to use this platform to share my creations. I will be sharing recipes every week and whoever pledges 2 or 3 (haven't made up my mind about that yet) euros a month gets access to all my recipes, both old and new. Instead of me just naming ingredients like I often do here on Instagram in case I want to use it for an ebook, I'll be sharing detailed ingredients and easy to follow instructions. Next to that I also want to offer informational texts, videos, iridology readings and health coaching via Patreon. So yea, let me know if you would be interested in something like that. These are just ideas, nothing serious yet, but it will happen soon. If you have any ideas then holler at me. This dish right here is what I call Raw Vegan Gravy Coated Kelp Noodles. I felt like getting a bit fancy today and this sure hit the savoury spot. I will definitely be sharing this one on Patreon. Not being greedy here, just looking for an alternative to a recipe (e)book and this seems like a nice way to share. I am just a dude that wants to make a living doing what he likes!

Another case of huge cherimoyas underneath. Taking this fruit shopping thing to a next level. Level 10 fruitarian unlocked. 🍈🚴

You probably know this fruit in it's powdered form, but have you ever tried it fresh? It's called Carob or St John's Bread and it's often used as a cacao substitute. Fresh carob is crunchy, chewy and tastes like a combination of chocolate cookies and cheese. It was the first time that I saw it here in the Netherlands. I've only had it fresh in Spain and loved it right away so when I found it at a mediterranean supermarket I bought all they had as you can store it for quite a long time because of it's dryness and density. 🧀🍫🍪

Yesterday's salad consisting of lamb's lettuce, arugula, tomato, jullienned cucumber, radishes, green onion greens and the best pesto I ever did make. It was created by blending avocado, pine nuts, fresh basil, garlic, green onion whites, mustard powder, lime juice, white whine vinegar, nutritional yeast, black pepper and pink himalayan salt. Fat free dressings are okay, but they never come out as creamy and satisfying as dressings with some source of fat like nuts, seeds or avocado. Do make sure to soak your nuts and seeds for at least 8 hours to get rid of the enzyme enhibitors and the phytic acid. My portions are way bigger than this, by the way. I just needed to plate it nicely for the gram ;)

LOVE FREELY. This stick 'n poke tattoo was done by @goelietrully. - Realizing that I can love whoever I want whenever I want, no labels attached, has been one of the most profound things I've come to understand about myself in the past year. Love is free and should come without conditions. When I deeply connect to people a strong love I feel for them and I want to be able to express that love without holding back. This expressing can come in literally any form thinkable like through speech, touch or just looking the other in the eye. Love is not something I want to limit to just one person. This does not mean that I can not or will not commit to one person given the right scenario, it simply means that I am aware of my desire to connect to others and I ALLOW myself and others to express and receive love to and from one another at any given moment. Love a little more and be true to yourself, be that monogamous or polyamorous loving does not really matter. Let love just be label free love.

Cherimoya, sweet and creamy fruit from the gods. If you haven't tried one yet you are missing out big time. As you may or may not know next saturday I am teaching an online, interactive and recorded iridology class together with @hayley_porter_gratitude. For details and sign up link, click the link in my bio. We want you to be able to read your own eyes! This will be worth your time☺

What an epic day of shooting for the documentary. Shot some amazing footage today (you can see some raw footage in my story)! It is sort of a portrait movie about me, not only focussing about the food part, but also other aspects of my life. Ofcourse the way I eat is quite different from what is viewed upon as 'normal', so filming a food haul was a must as well. Found these amaaaazing huge cherimoyas for only €0.50 each at the Turkish / mediterranean store so I basically bought all of them. Also found fresh carob, which I had only eaten fresh in Spain, so bought the only two boxes of that as well. Carob is that powder stuff people use as a substitute for cacao. Well, it is made from this fruit. To me they taste like a weird combination of chocolate cookies and cheese! Also restocked on some limes and avocados.

Wooop woop, I am teaching an online iridology class with gorgeous soul @hayley_porter_gratitude November 25th 10:30am MST // 6:30pmCET (18:30 for you European folks). Live, interactive & recorded if you can not make the live class! Will post signup link very very soon. Also, still doing free donation based iridology readings. Hit the email button on my profile to get in touch!👁👁👁

Night time salad time. Too bad there's no decent lighting anymore though😅. Kale salad with raw macadamia nut cheese sauce. It's mac nuts, yellow cherry tomatoes, sundried tomato, nutritional yeast, garlic, dulse, tamari, white wine vinegar and water. Daaaaamn that's tasty!

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