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Waking up to white. When we had the big thaw over the weekend, I realized how much I had missed seeing the soil. Now that we are back to a blanket of white, the distraction of dirt out of my reach, it's time to get back to planning for an even better 2018. Where would you like to be able to buy our bouquets? Just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean I'm not pounding the pavement!

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent." Martin Luther King jr.
📷: @loveandgasoline

Going to my first garden club meeting this morning, unsure if I'm being brave or stupid. Because really, who has time for community outreach when you're trying to plant thousands of seedlings, tubers, and plugs in spring? I'm sure when the time comes I won't, and I'll end up that oddball member who weeds in solitude, by the light of a headlamp. I just want to be closer to the people in my community who have hands in the soil. This old hippie town is full of deep wells, the kind of ladies who practiced permaculture before it was cool. I'm going in with a brown paper bag of dahlia tubers, like this plum purple 'Diva' dahlia, hoping to make some like-minded friends...Wish me luck!
Thanks for this capture @lindsay_hackney, you've immortalized September for the doldrums of January.

When you know someone, it's only as much as they want you to. When @loveandgasoline came to the farm to capture the flowers fully ripe in late September, I had worked so hard to hide the thistles and debris, but they found them, and the beauty in the contrast. Everyone has some parts of themselves that remains secret, parts that permeate the portion of their lives friends and family don't see. If you know anyone whose contrasting pieces of personality sometimes percolate to the top, consider asking them if they need more than a ride to work. Kennard asked me to come work for the wholesaler not knowing I had been cut loose from the florist, which kept me afloat during what could've been dark days. I only wish I could have been there for his. This shot was taken the same week the wholesaler closed, I don't think I'd seen him since.

This is 33. Being hard on yourself feels like part of the job for a flower farmer. In spite of all the days spent pounding clay and rolling rocks, the physical demands of the job aren't nearly as grueling as the work that happens in my own mind. I'm constantly churning out criticisms of my little farm, and imagining improvements for next season. These winter days are often spent reminding brides that their wedding day is only 24 hours long, yet I still manage to forget my own parameters: 146 frost free days. That is all the time I have to get it right each year. So, each season, I neglect my friendships, housekeeping, and my physical wellbeing for more time in the garden, and the reward is gorgeous. Thank you to all my friends and family near and far for all the feels yesterday, this double digit three thing really suits me; it's always been my favorite number. 📷: @loveandgasoline

The bees and I have been quiet here as of late. Behind the scenes we've been busy readying our CSA shares for sale on the site. If this weather has hampered your last minute shopping plans, head over to the site to invest in a flower-filled summer for someone you love. I'd venture to bet it will be the best gift they get!
📷: @loveandgasoline

My face when a client says they haven't heard of our flower CSA. Pure pity. If you're interested in supporting local, sustainable agriculture, all while receiving a weekly bunch of flowers, shares go up for sale on the site first thing Wednesday morning!

Vacation can be exhausting .
Had to hit the ground running this morning to get a quick few hundred bulbs in the ground before this heavy snow. Flower farming is hard, but sometimes getting away from it can be even harder, to make the investment in your own creative energy, to take time away from a long list of to-dos, and to make for the sake of your own enjoyment. I really loved making this floral wearable under the direction of @passionflowersue; whose creative genius and total willingness to share her tricks always astounds me. This is one of FOUR ways this floral piece can be worn. Huge thanks to @musgroveretreats and @colonialhouseofflowers for the southern hospitality. Highest praise to our styling team: @abpmakeup @corbingurkin @carolhannahbridal @lnowakstyle @lapack_

Cascades kill me. I love the way certain blooms pour perfectly and hate how others stand stiff straight. It's really tough to make things look so spill-y and effortless. Thanks to @colonialhouseofflowers and @passionflowersue; I'll be perfecting my craft this week at @musgroveretreats in Savannah, so stay tuned for lots of Spanish moss and styled southern belles. Huge thanks to the talented @caseydurginphoto for capturing one of my favorite bouquets (and brides) of 2017!

A study in texture, right down to the kitty hair on the barn door. Dropped a dozen of these squat succulents in smooth ceramic stones down to the @joineryrestaurant last night to carry them through the colder months. I already miss the myriad of little bud vases with their weekly blooms, but I'm also looking forward to quieter days ahead. Sometimes this flowery life is a little too vibrant, too peaked with pressure; when every week culminates with the most important day of a couple's whole married lives. Planning hard now to grow it/get it right for every special day next summer holds.

So grateful for all the kind words my brides shared to get me here, Fruition couldn't have accomplished this without you lovely ladies! Thank you!

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