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The farm wasn't ready for this jelly....grape jelly to be exact. This juicy bundle is for my friend Kay, better known as Nang by her family, or Kethkeo by substitute teachers; but today she's the bride. It's her Asian culture which introduced me to the notion that flowers held a place in civilization. Our tiny community had welcomed refugees from Laos a decade earlier, whose families kept exotic plants for cooking, and always overwintered the most beautiful begonia-like plants I'd ever seen. Their culture stirred a botanical bit in my heart for so many of my childhood years, and I'm so grateful she shared it with me. Today, I'm sharing sweet peas and snapdragons I grew from seed in that same little town. Huge thanks to @shawnabawna1 for building this dream bouquet, all I did was provide the bits and pieces!

Stephanotis is one of those traditional wedding flowers that elicits a cringe at the thought of using, as most come from thousands of miles away in a little plastic box. These little stars burst open on my patio just in time for a certain Portuguese princess' big day this weekend.

This is wood fired pizza weather. Go visit my sherbet chantilly snapdragons @flatbreadamesbury

Late nights and bug bites are not why we farm. It's for the blonde raspberries. This bombshell is called 'Anne', and she's never been touched by any fungicide, herbicide, or pesticide. You can't imagine the flavor.

All my @3riverfarmersalliance custies are craving chamomile, and the fragrance is fabulous! #luckyme #crazydaisies #slowtheforkdown #eatlocal #germanchamomile #soldout

Meet Ella. She's the sweetest, most conscientious helper my world has ever known. The savior or ant colonies, the lover of marigolds, and the only one who hums tunes through oppressive heat. It's amazing the way we can talk about everything and nothing in the hours spent weeding, planting, and harvesting. Fourteen is a time I'd never choose to revisit, but this one's combination of curiosity and optimism makes me wish for a minute I could. This is @ella831's "don't smile" face, holding a bit of yesterday's snapdragon harvest.

Some brides know just what it takes to get my week off to a wonderful start.
Thanks for the wonderful capture @littlefangphoto!

Just stopped by to visit my flower friend Jean @inkwellflowers; and deliver some of these #fruitiongrown sherbet chantilly snapdragons. Every time I stop in, I get to know (and love) her a little bit more. She's a farmer florist too, but she's got this adorable little shop in town, and she buys my flowers, and she shares her experience, and I feel so stinkin' lucky for her! She sold me fruit covered blueberry boughs back in 2013 for a friend's wedding, when she offered a free forage of wild thistles I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, I knew I needed to know her (and kind of wanted to BE her). Fast forward four years: she's stocking the shop up on these for the weekend, so swing through if you're looking for some fresh flowers! #friYAY #grownnotflown #growfloret #farmher #newmarketNH #collaborationnotcompetition

The trashpicker.
Paid a visit to a couple local flower lovers @phat_cats_bistro and @flatbreadamesbury to swap out their weekly bud vases and was pleased to find last week's flowers were holding strong, or had transformed into these perfect furry pods! When I worked for a flower wholesaler and a florist, I was always called the trashpicker; and looking back on it, I've been called worse. Now these little bits of "trash" hold a place on our coffee table, because local flowers are fresher flowers and fresher flowers last longer, duh. 100% #fruitiongrown.

Judging by the ripening raspberries, these jars will soon be brimming with jam. Until then, I'm savoring every second of snapdragon season. Catch these and thirty of their long stemmed friends at @joineryrestaurant #nofilter #newhampshirefordamnsure #seasonalfloweralliance #grownnotflown

Although the creative genius @hhhusbandmen is sharing his design skills with students in Italy for the summer, I'm savoring the swag he designed for me before he left. Last of the lavender in the first light of the day. Happy fourth to my friends near and far. #ciaowdy

Snapdragon season starts now.
As my sis would say "don't show up with your arms swinging"...bring flowers to that Fourth of July cookout! Because let's face it: they have plenty of potato salad.

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