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Summer is so friggin' fleeting. The juggling act has just begun and although the farm is so beautiful and needy, I have to leave it. To celebrate a friend's birthday, or to help a fellow florist, regular shifts in what I put my energy towards is vital. Today, I'm going to Maine to help with a wedding, and yesterday brought me to the Frank Lloyd Wright house, where I stumbled on a stark reminder about why I can't wait to get back to the farm and all of it's hard work. Engraved on the homeowners' headstone was a quote by FLW: "Beautify your own life, and you beautify the lives of everyone around you". I too want to be interred in the back yard; beneath the foxglove bed.

Setting and seasonality are two of my favorite factors in selecting flowers and foliage for wedding design. I want my couples to smell mock orange each June and be transported back by the fragrance; I want your groom to pick peonies for your anniversary. This elopement was so effortless, with a bride and groom that I feel so connected to in a land that I miss like home. Being photographers themselves, they chose to commit their lives to one another from their ancestral home atop a cliff on Slieve League in the wild and wonderful Donegal, Ireland; my husband's hometown. To experience their voyage through the lens has been stunning. I've never made it to those breathtaking cliffs; my trips there are all steeped in tea and cozying up to turf burning fireplaces. When Jenny said she wanted to smuggle a crown in her suitcase, my interest peaked, and a weekend in Maine was filled with foraging for the tiniest pieces of home she could take with her; crab claws, lichen tufts, and poppy pods. Still swooning.

You'll seldom see a picture of my dad smiling, he holds so much seriousness between that beard and ponytail. He's a beekeeper, woodworker, machinist, welder, stonemason, and the mechanical engineer behind all of my farming dreams. Friday I delivered sympathy flowers to someone whose dad had passed, and my empathy for her was so strong I started crying myself. Yesterday, he wrangled a snapping turtle from my gladiolus patch, buried his beloved farmdog Bailey, and caught a swarm of bees. In that order. Farming has never been his profession, but it's so suited to his stoic disposition. If only lobster dinner could mend his broken heart. RIP Bailey Jane.

Dads deserve flowers too, and Father's Day is less than 24 hours away. Even if your pops prefers beer and barbecue, we will have that too! It's all happening this evening at the Newfields Block Party; smoked meats, live music, and beer sampling. Yes, Lou will be there too! 🐶

These almost-summer-days are so surreal, steeped in sad news and stretching stems. It all seems to be happening simultaneously so fast and slow. Tonight, I'll sit down and shape a halo for a very special elopement, a welcome way to end my day over the usual race against dusk, tucking in plant babies before dark. Waking up early, I've already clipped all the stems that today's hot sun would steal away, the cruelty of late spring and it's short lived blooms. Thank you @wyldephoto and @soul_adventura for pushing me to create for my own enjoyment, these flexed out 'Rembrandt' and black parrot tulips are treasures that never quite fit into my bride's soft spring palettes.

Keep your dudes looking dapper. Although it's not in the forefront of most couples' floral vision, boutonnières are a small detail that dress up a special day. This morning, my husband suited up (complete with tie) to be sworn in as a United States citizen. It's about all I can do not to pin something to his lapel, just for the sake of special. Thank you @elizabethladuca for capturing the little things so beautifully.

Full hands, full moon, full garden. It's a weird word when you really examine it, but such a good feeling when you experience it. The fields are almost all planted 🌱 and as I drove home from a gathering with friends under the glow of a full moon 🌝 I imagined how beautiful this mornings harvest would be. Full fragrance. 💐

This is that time of year when the hustle gets so real that plans start to fly out the window. My fat hedge of lilacs are going to be moved when the blooms have passed to make way for more construction on the compound. My aim was to cut every one of those suckers and give them away in a guerilla marketing campaign. Needless to say, I couldn't cut them all; and my hands were never clean enough to pump paws when passing them out to prospective vendors. Daylight is just too precious to spend it doing anything other than planting, seeding, or mowing...unless @rachelhalseyphotography sways you to wash your hair and take some pictures! 🙌🏻

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." These blooms were named for the jowly old wit Sir Winston Churchill, but the fragrance couldn't be further from a musty old man. The last of these stunners are going to Hayseed at @smuttynosebeer for their weekly bud vases, while a few will be held behind for this weekend's bride. The Anglophile in me can't wait for Saturday. I hope that even if Mr. Markle isn't on Meghan's arm, she will at least have sir Winston in hand.

Not all moms have kids, and not all kids think to buy a bouquet for Mother's Day. So, whether you're a dog mom who has to buy for themselves, or a thoughtful son or daughter who wants to give more than a basic bouquet; consider checking out our cut flower CSA. As an extra incentive to shop small and support your local flower farm, we are offering 10% off our summer CSA! Just enter promo code MOM. My fellow dog mom @rachelhalseyphotography captured this of little Lou and I post harvest. She's so seriously talented, and she has made sense of something my mom told me a long time ago; you can't help but love someone who loves your kid. She really pours it on thick for Louis, in spite of mud season and the threat of ticks; and my love for her overflows like a bucket of Persian lilies.

The daily drool: this is what dusk looks like lately. To end the day by picking all the ones got away from me and give them away feels better than a hot bath after a dirty day on the farm. Narcissius have been bursting in the blueberry field and on the compound, with more springing up for Mother's Day next week. These ghar-gis gals always make me think of Ireland and my other mother. I once asked her how the whole country ended up peppered with narcissus and she said she imagined they got caught up in cloven hooves and spread bulb-by-bulb. I've never sought out an alternative explanation, since this one is so satisfying. Strangely enough, although Irish Mother's Day is in March, and our own in May, you can count on daffodils. If these pretties have you feeling FOMO over our spring CSA, snag a summer share for yourself, or you mother! 💐

Happy May Day! You may or may not know that I'm an absolute Anglophile, so I was totally tickled to read that the florist hired to execute the royal wedding recently told the BBC that "The final designs will represent them as a couple...with local sourcing, seasonality and sustainability being at the forefront." So naturally, I'm swooning hard over @philippacraddock and her commitment to forego the exotic or imported materials in favor of what's blooming in merry old England in May. This local focused design ethos isn't easy, and although it's been a decade since living in London, I will never forget the sidewalks in Regent's Park confetti-ed with cherry blossoms. I'm really hoping to see those precious pink petals again in Phillippa's designs. Love is hard work, which is why we harvested 128 stems of tête-à-tête daffodils in the rain for a friend's special celebration....with the "help" of these little hands.

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