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Kayla VandeSande  Vegan || 22 || NY YouTube ⇢ Kayla VandeSande Blog ⇢ www.fruitful-soul.com Contact ⇢ kaylavandesande@yahoo.com


In my natural habitat 👄

Another one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken 🤗 Looking to my past for inspiration because my social media isn’t quite what I’d like it to be lately! I’m having so much fun with my YouTube channel that Instagram has turned into less of a priority (which of course is okay, but it is where this all started! It deserves some love and attention 😌) What do you guys love to see on here? This is for both of us! I love myself and I love my followers and I’m ready to get back to pleasing us both and making myself proud! Thank you so much for all of your constant love and support guys. It means more than I could ever put into words. #fruitful_soul

My pancake addiction gets stronger and stronger by the day 🙈 If you watch my YouTube channel, you’ll know I’ve been eating them almost every single day! This is something I never would’ve dreamed of doing a year ago - or even six months ago! The improvements I’ve made in loving myself and tackling my fear foods has been so insanely exponential these past few months and I’m so grateful and proud of myself! I’m also feeling super full (both of love and food...😉) Fuel your body with healthy, but also delicious foods! These quick & healthy pancakes are so simple, too! All you need to do is mix 4 common ingredients together and, obviously, cook that delicious mixture into a delicious stack of pancakes! Life changing!👇🏼
- 1 cup oat flour (I love @bobsredmill GF)
- 1 banana, mashed
- 1 cup almond milk (I love @califiafarms)
- All the cinnamon 😋
Top with a pool of maple syrup and some extra fruit if you like and dig in! Yummy yummy! Also, shoutout to Caleb for the pro maple syrup drizzle behind the scenes #fruitful_soul

Throwing it back to this killer peanut butter nice cream muesli parfait because I just spent the last 8 hours uploading my new video and I need something happy to look at 😂 What’s something that made you happy today?!👇🏼 Mine is thinking about making muesli tomorrow with lots of @manitobaharvest like the one in the middle of this parfait because I just got a huge batch of them today and I’m craving that extra HEALTH 🤤 #fruitful_soul #manitobahempambassador

Coconut bowls just take everything to the next level 🙌🏼 especially when they’re from the best @coconutbowls 💛 You can fill ‘em with whatever you like and it never fails to make it taste better 🙈 These babies had👇🏼
• frozen nanas
@crazyrichardspb powdered peanut butter
• homemade almond milk in my @elliesbest nut milk bag
@moondeli bliss booster
Topped with all the GOODS
@thrivemkt sliced almonds
• shredded coconut
@lonijane rawnola
@bobsredmill ground flaxseed
YUM! Also, if you want your food to taste a little better, you can use the coupon code ‘fruitfulsoul’ to get 10% off your purchase! And no, this isn’t sponsored, just true love 😇 #fruitful_soul #coconutbowls

It’s official! This adorable squishy faced goofball 💍 and I are filming our second couple’s Q & A! We’re super excited so PLEASE send us lots of questions 😍 They can be about either of us individually, our relationship, our lives, veganism, whatever you like! We’re open to all 😌✨ You can DM me your questions or just comment them on this photo! We’ll be filming for vlogmas in a few days 💛 #fruitful_soul

Getting those greens in ever damn day 🌿 My favorite way is in my morning smoothie where you can’t taste or see them 🙈 What about you?
- frozen bananas & berries
- @milkadamia nut milk
- @superelixir alkalizing greens powder
- @sambazon frozen acai
- @moondeli spirulina
- spinach
- fresh strawberries
- @manitobaharvest hemp hearts (under the strawbs)
- @bobsredmill buckwheat
- @thrivemkt coconut chips
#fruitful_soul #manitobahempambassador

Mondaze ☕️ #fruitful_soul

These are a few of my favorite things...😋🎶 Interested in what else is on my list of all-time favorite things? I just posted “My Ride Or Die Vegan Products” video on my channel for vlogmas day 10! Link in bio 😌✨ Comment your ride or die products you can’t live without! #fruitful_soul

Feeling ...
📷: @viktoria.dahlberg

I think this will always be one of my favorite photos... That color though🔮🙌🏼 Theres nothing like a giant @sambazon açaí bowl in the morning (or afternoon) (or night)... this baby had 1 frozen @sambazon packet, @aldiusa frozen blueberries & frozen strawberries, @moondeli golden turmeric, @amazinggrass alkalizing powder, and @califiafarms almond milk blended and topped with @bobsredmill oats, buckwheat, & coconut and @wegmans banana chips! How do you make your perfect açaí (or any smoothie) bowl?👇🏼 #fruitful_soul

@strongheartscafe dreaming on this cold, gloomy Saturday afternoon... 💭🍔🥗 #fruitful_soul

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