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Ted Carr  Vancouver made. Hawaii living.

I WANT TO MEET YOU THIS SUMMER IN REAL LIFE. SIGN UP TODAY AND SEE ME IN EUROPE THIS AUGUST. LINK IN BIO for the UK Fruit Festival πŸ˜βœˆοΈπŸ‡ Can't afford it? Get on the no-fuss payment plan. Check link in bio!! UK Fruit Festival, August 2-6, 2017.

See me at the UK fruit festival this August :) Sign up at the 😍 lowest price for tickets is TODAY. You can get on a monthly payment plan as well for it. Super fun time. 🀀 Ripe and ready and green. Special green mango variety. Otherwise eat when yellow and soft!!

Hold the vision. Stay positive. Soon as you're negative your life sucks. Soon as you're positive your whole world is fkn amazing!! #200thingsyourgratefulfor write em down

I just want to be healthy. Life is easy when you're healthy. πŸ™πŸΌ So I eat a fruitarian diet.

How do you know where you're supposed to be? You're there now.

I'm not diabetic so I don't need daily insulin injections, but I am raw vegan so I do need daily avocado injections. #justfeedmeavocadoandillloveyouforever 😍

Would you cook your food in nature or eat is as you'd find it growing ripe off a tree :) ? No tools required, I eat raw like every other animal on the planet who doesn't cook their food.

Raw garlic. Do you eat it? Whenever I eat a lot of it I smell a bit so I tend to avoid it in the name of natural hygiene πŸ™πŸΌ Onions too. But if you stick with simple sweet juicy fruits you'll smell so good you won't even need deodorant or perfume. I think people use these cover ups cause something in their body is either rotting or really backed up so it's coming out through their skin instead of going through their digestive system. But garlic and onions make u instantly stink! What r your experiences with em?

You don't have to eat a fruit based diet like I do. You can eat whatever your little heart desires. But if you ever want to give it a try, just know that you won't die πŸ˜‰ If you ever make it one entire day on fruit and fall asleep after a full 24 hours on just raw, living foods, you will wake up a changed person. You'll wake up with an expanded level of awareness for what it feels like to be LIGHT and AWAKE, really honestly wide awake without any food hangover heaviness whatsoever. Brand new you. #1daychallenge

Identical Twin in Laos

What's the point of hot peppers in nature? Would we eat them? Or should they be avoided? Some people hate spicy while others love it. Does liking or disliking spices have to do with our past drug use history maybe? #fruitarianthoughts

Fresh, raw, living foods 😍 Eat fruit though. Vegetables like cauliflower will guarantee that you fart a lot. Nobody likes that. Stick with fruit for clean, clear, no issue digestion.