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RESTOCK TONIGHT  🍦youtube: Gaby Leah 🍦worldwide shipping to all countries 🍦restock every Monday @ 8pm est 🍦SHOP HERE↓


go go go

I will be restocking my shop in approximately an hour and a half at 8 PM Eastern time. -
I will be posting videos of each slime on my story so you know what each slime is like before buying.
Cheesy mac
Rainbow dippin dots
Pumpkin spice*
Black Butter*
Surfs up
Comment a "🍭" if you plan on buying! If you have anymore questions feel free two comment them!

semi-thick and super glossy!! So much fun to poke! Smells like bubblegum!
(Caption coming soon)#talisatossell

it's finally back! customer favorite!
So if you didn't know already, my phone is broken! I filmed this with my iPad that's why the angle is a little weird😂 still restocking as planned on Monday! #talisatossell

making pumpkin spice! FOLLOW @FROYO.SLIMEY
i’ve been working on orders from monday bc im super delayed! -
Riverdale comes back tonight ahahaha🎉 #talisatossell

volume up!
made with a slime I purchased from @slimeyworldz -
No restock tmrw! I’ve been super busy during the past week so it postponed the restock and orders that were made monday should be shipped by wed. bc of the delay! Sorry guys! 💕💕 #talisatossell (repost bc forgot my watermark)

HahshshshshdShd @glitter.slimes more pics coming soon!

Just a temporary post but making slime with the @karinagarc1a slime kit! Follow @froyo.slimey

I bought this clear slime on mercari from @petroslimes and it came SOO clear. It kinda has a brownish tint in the beginning but whatever.
ABABABAB tmrw is my birthday + going to Orlando + meeting @glitter.slimes !! Ahahahaba #talisatossell

This one sold out so quickly last night!
People have been asking if they can send any e-cards to me for my birthday (oct. 5th) yes! Just send them to froyoslimey@gmail.com -
I’m so excited for Orlando ahajaja! If u live in the area, maybe you can come meet us! #talisatossell

Super crunchy and stretchy! Smells just like ocean breeze😍
The rest of today I’m gonna be preparing for tomorrow’s restock! If you’re buying, what slime are u purchasing? #talisatossell

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