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frowned frowned

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muhajir (moo-ha-jair)  self care first

it feels güd to be home, happy sunday 👨🏾‍🎨 (im not home in this pic obvi)

“im so random i can’t believe i just did that” 👱🏾


have you ever looked inside yourself?¿

"I am. I am living proof that there is magic in tragedy. I am the HIV/AIDS genocide against queer people of color. I am slavery. I am Muslim. I am the Native American genocide. I am systemic poverty. I am classism. I am. I am everything and nothing simultaneously. I am the Crack that swept through urban ghettos. I am Jim Crow. I am mass incarceration. I am the Harlem Renaissance. I am the war on drugs.

What I am not? I am not white privilege. I want nothing to do with the whiteness that pervades this earth. I am Africa in its state before colonization and theft. I am freedom, in its true form. I am ugly. I am the epitome of mental illness. I am. What I am not? I am not tokenism. I am not your Nigger trophy. I am not hatred nor greed. I am. I am light. I am God. I am Black. I am forever in solidarity with the oppressed and marginalized. I am. I am that feeling you get right before something phenomenal and otherworldly happens. I am never angry, but frustrated at the conditions of our planet. I am full of fucking rage. What I am not? I am not going to explain myself to white people. I am, not. I am transcendence. I am love. I am the life that comes after life. I am ethereal. I am self care. I am above the facades."

*licks your face* to show unconditional love & support

flower boy

I never post about my academic life on here, but today is a special day (I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️). I have officially declared a double major in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. Catch me over-analyzing everything and crying about climate change ❗️❗️❗️🙏🏾😉👍🏾🏁

who am i becoming?

last day of summer nostalgia

sad that summer is ending so soon, but grateful for all the things i've achieved and overcome in 2017. im chilling in LA for the week and then doing a road trip back to the east coast for school. im going to try not posting/being present on social media for awhile just to finish off summer with a clear healthy headspace. today's politics are strenuous and sometimes too overwhelming. i hope everyone is practicing self care and living their best life, despite the chaos of the world. radiate love and transparency to the ppl in your life. if u look closely u can see my crusty ass nose

can you believe how close I was to Solange last night??? still reliving this moment (@saintrecords)

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