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Frost Science  Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. A full day of exploration awaits you at Miami's newest home for the ever curious. Now open.

Though science fiction may seem far-fetched, vivid imagination and ambitious thinking just might spark our future in space. In our #FeathersToTheStars exhibition, follow the astounding story of flight—from feathered dinosaurs to brilliant feats of human ingenuity that have propelled us into space. #ItsScienceMiami

Descend into underwater worlds on The Dive level of the Aquarium—watch colorful damselfish dart through corals, and bait and predators move through mangrove forest shadows. Plan your visit in advance at to skip the lines. (📷 by @vanessahebra)

Did you know that Frost Science is open 365 days a year? Plan your visit ahead of time and skip the lines, visit (Link in profile.) #ItsScienceMiami

Our laser expert experimenting with reflection and refraction in our LASERsHOW exhibition. #ItsScienceMiami (📷 by @chrisayme)

Have you ever seen a solar array—or, a group of solar modules or panels—up close and wondered how it generates solar energy? It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often because most solar panels are located out of our line of sight—usually on rooftops or at large, remotely located universal solar energy centers. But here at Frost Science, you get a front row seat to the science of solar energy. Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) has two innovative solar installations at the museum that make it easy for you to examine the power of the sun. Learn more on today’s Frost Science blog: How FPL Is Bringing the Power of the Sun Closer to You. (Link in profile)

Raise your hand if you sometimes feel stressed! Did you know that when your brain detects a physical or emotional threat, it triggers the release of hormones that make your heart beat fast and your blood pressure rise? For the sake of good health...relax yourself! ¡Relajarse! #ItsScienceMiami #MeLaB @baptisthealthsf

Dr. Phillip and Patricia Frost ringing the @nasdaq opening bell in a live broadcast underneath the Frost Science oculus! #ItsScienceMiami

Did you know that a cuttlefish can change its appearance, mimicking floating vegetation or rocks on the seafloor? Yet when danger looms, it can jet away at great speeds, shooting out a smoke screen of ink or using its ink to create decoys of itself. Come face to face with a cuttlefish on the Dive level of the Aquarium at Frost Science! #ItsScienceMiami

Have you met our 30-foot dinosaur, the Yutyrannus huali? Follow the astounding story of flight—from feathered dinosaurs, to brilliant feats of human ingenuity to the adventure of future space travel in our exhibition #FeathersToTheStars. #ItsScienceMiami

Are you one of the faces seen here? Get your portrait drawn by three robots named Paul in our special exhibition SEEING: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? SEEING questions how eyes, brains and robots see, while tackling the complex sensory experience of vision, understanding and perception. #ItsScienceMiami

Happy #InternationalMuseumDay! Have you had a chance to visit Frost Science yet? Today's the perfect day to plan your visit! Tickets and memberships available at #ItsScienceMiami #MuseumDay

Always a good idea to start your day with a healthy breakfast! One of our Senior Aquarists is making sure this octopus on the Dive level of our Aquarium starts its day off right. Did you know that octopuses are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates? #ItsScienceMiami

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