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Trinity Alps part two

Where the heck did the trail go?

The wolf pack in Trinity Alps. Four gorgeous and challenging days exploring the high lakes just below the snow line. Shoulder season can make things interesting, add poorly maintained trails to the mix and very steep grades and you have the recipe for a good nights sleep but also very sore paws and cuts all over Beau's little body. He was a trooper and @danagillila is tough as nails. We didnt encounter a single other human being, brought delicious food, wine and beer and loved every second of it. Well there was that moment when the trail disappeared for the hundredth time and we were stuck in the thicket of things, also rattle snakes, poison oak and a thousand downed trees in our path. We will definitely be back soon. Love this place!

We survived.

We are live! The BIG + ONE + Sherwood team’s vision for southeastern San Francisco is Islais Hyper-Creek, a restoration of the area's underlying natural watershed as a major new park. - Addressing risk from coastal and stormwater flooding, Islais Hyper-Creek serves as an opportunity to bring the existing industrial ecosystem into the next economy. Read more at

The hills are turning golden



A long work week is finally done. Went straight for the ocean to clear my mind and reset for the weekend. Oh boy I'm going to sleep well tonight. #oceanpotion

Favorite 🍑

Went out to ride my MTB but ended up hiking all over a windy but gorgeous Hill 88 with the wolf pack. Perhaps not the cardio workout I was initially looking for but definitely made my heart throb for much better reasons.

Beach cruising with these two.

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