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Hannah  Viking girl living in Åsgard,a small norwegian farm 🌟Tind♡10 y/old 🌟Lilja♡3 y/old Both Norwegian Dole Horses with their "Cold Heads & Warm Hearts"

14 oktober var starten på vinterhalvåret og fra gammelt av skulle man kjøre hest med bjelle, og det er fremdeles lovfestet, selv om jeg tviler på at det ville blitt noen sak utav, men denne typen ting facinerer meg. Fra gammelt av var det viktig å bli hørt i trafikken. Nå til dags ferdes de fleste i biler el og hører ikke bjellene. I dag kjørte vi 12 km, med dombjeller på siden det var første "vintertur". //we have an old law in Norway that in the winterperiod wich started 14 october, you are suppoused to drive horses with bells to be heard in the traffic

Var så godt å se Lilja igjen, og jeg tror hun ble glad for å se oss og. Hun har gått alene ute hele helgen, og det er godt å ha en unghest som takler det og. Hun takler jo egentlig alt jeg presenterer for henne. Høy i rang blandt hestene og verdens største koseklump som helst vil sitte på fanget med oss tobente♡ //was really good to see Lilja again after a weekend with clinic for Tind and me. Hopefully the new stuff we learned will have an effect on her too, through me~

Fun! Tind did great, but no pictures of him due to me driving him😅 my head is full of new stuff. Exited for tomorrow with 2 more lessions before we turn or heads back home❤

Tind found a new friend in @vallgardelisabeth 's dolehorse Troja, who lives in the same stable as Juliar, one of Tind's best buds. Went for a hike in the autumn colours🍂he even got to borrow Troja's harness! Three dole horses on the same hike - not bad at all🐴 ps: the road was really steep

Lilja's first tooth out (exept the "woolf teeth", that were removed when she was a yearling). It looks like an old fosil or something, actually quite a lot of things not tooth related. It remindes me of a lot of rocks in human size Ståle and I found in north of Norway some years ago♡

„The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” S. Furtick
Tind's tack: @fairytales_and_campfires

Første gang med skylapper, lettsele og par for begge. Helt greit det og. Kun kjørt par med arbeidssela før, men nå bor vogna hos @kavathefjord og triller rundt i bærum🐴 mamma skravler baki og vi koste oss alle fire😊 //first hike in a pair for a while. So much more to learn, and I'm looking forward to the journey😍

Leaves for lunch! A real autumn treat for the horses😊

Was taking some pictures of Tind until Lilja popped out (swipe) and took over the show🙄😂at least Tind and I got a lovely hike in the woods with my new gear: a christ iberica plus. I'm officially in love. Just enough support to sit on top of the barrel-🐴 even in trot & canter😍🍂🍃

You give me a reason to smile, even in the dark times, when smiles are seldome and fear posseses the world🍃
Cordeo & browband: @fairytales_and_campfires

Lilja loves to model ♡ and she loves snuggles = nice pictures and happy horsey ;) photo:

I don't think I've told you that Lilja has a spirit animal? She lives with one of my best friends @lykkelille and is an 1.5 year old Aussie called Lala. Us humans use quite amount of time talking via skype/facetime/phone as we live far away from each other. They are so alike. Their personalities are sometimes scary simmilar. And some of their actions. Like when I tried to wake Lilja up before the horseshow in june and she closed her eyes pretending to be dead. Well Lala tried that same trick a couple of weeks ago cause they both agree 6 o'clock is way to early to rise and shine. They have this glimpse in their eyes, like they are up to no good, while that really usually is just a mask - since both take things unbelivably easy. If Lilja could fit into those tunnels they use in agility for dogs she would love them. 450 kilo and 147cm high makes that impossible🙈 they are also very good at getting in to things that they not are suppoused to. I have to put electrisity on the fence now, due to a black little smartass who just picked the fence down and ate apples🍎🍏loads. Lala also broke into something not made for dogs some time back - feeling wery pleased with herself. They are very pround of their silly adventures and it may be a good thing that they live in different places as the two of them would be a lot of mischief and good(not so good)ideas. I can hear them😅"hey Lilja look what I found! wanna share? Lilja: yes if you go under the fence and fetch an apple first"🤫🤪😖🙃🤔😆😳🤭⬅️owners faces after a while

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