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Hannah  Viking girl living in Åsgard,a small norwegian farm Tind♡born-2008 Lilja♡born-2015 Both Norwegian Dole Horses +pictures of the horses passing me by🦄

The road goes ever on and on, except here, cause after this fence we turn left and are home♡Getting used to seeing Lilja in front now, and I really like it. Going on our first clinic in september! :-D

One of 1000 things to do better riding wise: do it now - like yes now, not in 30 seconds or next lightyear - now

Picture of me turning Tind with my seat in the second. We were suppoused to ride for Arne again but Tind was lame.. Luckily it was nothing serious and he is good to go now. First time any of my horses had to rest in their boxes. Lilja was quite affended as she had to be indoors aswell, but all in all it went well. Tind also missed his last driving show, but the most important thing is that he had a speedy recovery :)

4 years ago, I met you the first time. Our path has been a humpety dumpety travel, with many small victories in between that built our relationship to be what it is now. I can always trust you. You mirror me more than I prefer, since the answers not only are the ones I want, but I get what I need. You always give me what i ask, also when I ask the wrong things♡hoping for many more years! Skål!
Photo: @panilanii

Kattla, through my mums lens too♡

Our queen Tøffa. She's a mix betwine Maine coon and norwegian forest cat. She's 8 or 9 years old, and she moved in a couple of years ago.
Photo by mum, who takes many of the pictures I'm in. Nice to have a mummy with a bachelor in creative photography ;)

Been a bit quiet about Lilja lately, but some of you probably remember her being away from home this summer.
Yes, she has been covered.
Yes, she is going to become a mummy next year if everything goes as planned. And no, it's not for sale, as "it" already has a very good home waiting. The colours "it" can get is 50/50 black or red♡

Mr longlegs
Søndre Aslak lives with Flikka and Myrk and their mummies in one of the most fab farmes I know. It is actually a part of Oslo, our capital town, but you get a whole different wibe here🍃

My boyfriend had never been around horses when we met. I was like; I will never own a horse bla bla bla and woopsy daisy there Tind came, and Lilja. Søndre Aas farm, where Tind worked at the summer camp had 3 foals. We got to say hello, and Søndre Flikka became the first foal he ever cuddled. She is a Norwegian Dole horse filly. After a long scratch she just followed him around and stood behind him and bumped into him. He was an easy cuddle buddy to catch.

Søndre Myrk knows what to do, to win over itching in his ear♡

Lilja som leter etter tante Samara og tante Sarossa💕Vi er heldige som har god nabo og hester som liker hverandre😊 tantebesøk mens Tind er på Starum, på kretsmesterskap for Buskerud, med Renate! //Lilja is lucky to have two aunties close by💓Tind just left with Renate to go another driving competition🐎💨 so the girls have to keep the grass down (as if that ever was a problem😂)

"All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl." - ikke så lita mer, men følelsene er der enda♡ //not little anymore, but the feelings are still there

The queen is home👑 Tind tried to keep up with her, to be sure she didn't fly away again😅 He was ready for a cuddle, Lilja, however had other plans. It's very important to be certain you are home - and that means checking out every inch🦄

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