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ok so with my neighbor passing away we have her 2 cats. they are a mother and son ( 8 1/2 and 8 years old) their names are PHILLY and PA (they were rescued in philly *slaps knee*). the mother was still a kitten when she had her own kitten and the son i believe got his tail cut off from getting wedged in some type of fence.
long story short all of their family members and my family have cats. the daughter who will be taking over the home of my deceased neighbor currently has 2 very eldery cats and would prefer to have none once they eventually pass away. they are affectionate, healthy, adorable, love to play and love to relax and will sit on your lap no problem. my neighbor loved them with all her heart and its really upsetting to see them go. being that theyve been together their entire lives it would be nice if whoever can take them can take them together. we fear that them being older being taken to an adoption center might lead to them being put down. i believe to my knowledge if taken you would receive their litter boxes, toys, food, etc. if you know someone trust worthy and responsible who wants cats please get in contact with me ASAP. you can call or text me preferably at 718-690-1223. THANK YOU! please help me find loving homes for these cats โค๏ธ cats are located in staten island 10314

i try my best to keep my post to a minimum for things that really matter to me and this is no different. my next door neighbor passed away on saturday. most people hate theirs but mine, i loved. she was the grandmother i never got to have, my first and best friend on staten island when i moved here. she was always the first to hear any good or bad news before i walked into my own home because she was always outside. she was my first employer too. id vacuum her home every week and would give me money to help me buy skateboards. i did this from age 14 up until 2 years ago when she got forced me to retire when she hired a maid. she was my first supporter for anything i did and would always come over to check on me when id work on my cars. she even gave me her husbands car for free when i tore my black 240 to rebuild. she was always there and always cared about my friends. she never forgot the ones that departed to start new adventures in life. it hasnt hit me because recently i havent had anything good to share but its really going to fucking suck when i realize she wont be here for anything good in my life from here on out. shes will forever be irreplaceable to me. she was 88 years old. rip lana โค๏ธ

great first day out on the water and we break down and the boat almost catches on fire on our way to pick nick up ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

fresh alignment from @fully_built + @stanceusa 9k/5k setup. mindblowing difference in feel compared to my old setup. dampeners on full soft with boat anchor #1jz up front soon to be replaced back to #sr20det ๐Ÿ“ธ: @chrischeezer #naokistarterkit #stanceusa #stancesuspension #frontstreetdc #s13 #drifting

thank you @stanceusa for the support in grassroots drifting

craziest event of my life. literally speechless that we went across the us and got 2nd place in @superdusa triple drift competition. such a amazing experience when the #worldwidedriftfamily gets together for what was prob the craziest event ive ever witnessed and drove in. hope i can do something like this again! #frontstreetdc #superdmatsuri #s13

dont talk about it, be about it. see you in cali in a few days โœŒ๐Ÿฟ#worldwidedriftfamily #s13 #180sx #silvia #onevia #frontstreetdc #drifting #superdmatsuri #originlab #sr20det #1jz

well its complete! i have one too many people to thank but whoever has lent a hand or dealt with my bullshit in the past month and a half while i tore this car ground up again. i took my first โ€œlapโ€ with it today. first impressions is my handbrake dont work so i couldnt correct some odd spots i had with the extra steering angle but otherwise grip is good and car is solid! see you at @superd_usa #frontstreetdriftclub #s13 #ps13 #1jz #superdmatsuri2018 #originlabo

6 years today with my #1 supporter of all the crazy things i get myself into<3 ๐Ÿ“ธ: @frontstreet_ianno

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