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Paige Adams  It's really a shame I'm not more photogenic.

Only marginally more acceptable than a sorority squat.

I'm the girl your mom warned you about when she wanted you to put on sunscreen

Still haven't figured out if going to school in Philly makes it more or less okay to take touristy pictures.

It doesn't matter how cold it is- you will never catch an Adams wearing a hat, scarf, or gloves.

I've been hyping up "607mas" so much that I almost forgot that the real holiday hasn't even happened yet.

On today's episode of: inappropriate footwear for the task at hand

"Money never sleeps."

Saw the balloons. Still panicked when everyone started shouting. @lauren_duhamel @holmeslice28 @b_rodio @sydneyessex @andy_nyholm @siighsaias @jacksauls @clurdunuvun & the Sams, you guys are the greatest.

Always ready to ruck things up. #pennrugby

I may not have been helpful with the actual group cooking bit, but I'm really good at doing the dishes.

I was all ready to post a heartfelt caption about how much I miss my cabin 3 ladies and the best job ever. Then I saw that not one, but two of them were making ears behind my head, and I think that's probably more indicative of the fun I had with them this summer than anything I could say.

Ohana means family

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