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Jay Brundege 


Happy Birthday, Steven John Bator @marthaquinn do you recall this visit to Youngstown at Christmas with Stiv 😎 R.I.P. #STIVBATORS

The fix is in. This one should hold. The smaller door opening will be the entry into the master bath from the bedroom. Now that the structural stuff is all tied up, we should fly through the master and guest bath framing! #farmhouse #renovation #remodel #construction #carpenter #olmahoningcustomfab

THIS IS DANGEROUS!!! AND WRONG!!! Here is what “the cheaper” guy gets you when it comes to remodeling your home. The wall your looking at is carrying the weight of a roof valley, a shed-style dormer, and the tails of the second floor joists. Above there is a bathroom - with tile and cement board it’s one of the heaviest rooms in your house. Scroll the pictures and see what the other end of the “header” install looks like 😳 no jacks, no kings...it’s a miracle this hasn’t collapsed yet. Keep following to see the fix! #farmhouse #renovation #construction #carpenter #framing #houserescue #olmahoningcustomfab

Raise high the roof beams, Carpenter. Technically these are floor joists, but I’m sure JD would agree they’re also beams. Raised the house almost 1-1/2” inches over two weeks. Replacing the old rotting and sagging floor joists. Once we’re done working from the foundation to the first floor, it’s time to correct the butchered/aging walls on the first floor. Why? Well because they’re holding up the second floor and the roof! Another day, another challenge answered. Find something you love and let it kill you, oh wait no it’s fine something you love to do and you’ll never have to work another day in your life. Not true, we work hard but we love what we do! #carpenter #farmhouse #renovation #construction #olmahoningcustomfab

This old house is getting a bottom lift! #thisoldhouse #remodel #construction #carpenter #farmhouse

Making some progress here in gutting this almost 100 year old farmhouse. We’ve removed several layers of walls and ceilings, concrete walls and floors in the bathroom, an elevator and now we’re heading underground tomorrow to start shoring up the sagging carrier beam and replace some bad floor joists before putting it all back together. #oldmahoningfustomfab #farmhouse #remodel #renovate #carpenter #construction #rebuild #reuse #thisoldhouse

Let me tell you about @bestpizza33 making a pie to die for. Start out with their 20” white pie, and then you go garlic, carmelized onions, Calabrian chili peppers, anchovies, Italian sausage and shaved Parmesan with some fresh basil to boot. If you know about umami and didn’t think it could be had on Pizza, then go see Frank.

This looks like a nice place for a nap... #miceofinstagram #deadmouse #farmhouse #remodel #oldmahoningcustomfab

There’s a minute of our lives we can never get back. #coffee #grinder #cafelabor #remodel #farmhouse #dafuq

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